How To Divorce Your Wife Quickly

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How To Divorce Your Wife Quickly
How To Divorce Your Wife Quickly

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Sometimes family relationships come to a standstill. Immediately there is an urgent need to get a divorce and as soon as possible. From this article, men who initiate a divorce will find out how to divorce their spouse as quickly as possible, and in what cases it will work out.

How to divorce your wife quickly
How to divorce your wife quickly


Step 1

The speed of divorce from a spouse depends on whether she agrees to divorce or not, and also whether there are joint minor children. Therefore, if you really want to divorce your wife as soon as possible, then you should talk to her about the divorce, and perhaps you will come to a general agreement. Even if the spouse does not agree to a divorce, you will still save time and nerves if you agree with her about who will get what property (in the case when the prenuptial agreement was not drawn up) and with whom the children will stay (if any).

Step 2

Provided that both spouses agree to divorce and do not have joint minor children, you can divorce without a trial by filing a divorce petition at the registry office. A divorce application is drawn up by those who want to divorce, and the second spouse puts his signature in the application, and the fact of signing (in case the spouse changes his mind) is declared by a notary. A month later, a divorce certificate is issued and a mark of divorce is put in the passport.

Step 3

If the spouse is against divorce, as well as if the spouses have joint imperfect children, the marriage is dissolved only through the courts. In this case, you can save time: immediately, along with the application for divorce, file a claim for the division of property and raise the issue of the residence of the children and who will pay the alimony.

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