How To Break Up With A Friend

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How To Break Up With A Friend
How To Break Up With A Friend

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If the relationship has exhausted itself, if you individually are better than together, then you need to think about breaking up. This process is often very painful for both parties. This is understandable - it's hard to part with the person who used to be close and dear, with whom you spent almost all your time.

How to break up with a friend
How to break up with a friend


Step 1

Offer to meet and talk. Choose a place where no one can interfere with you, because it is there that you will calmly discuss everything, and your friend will think about what to do next. After all, this decision has ripened for you a long time ago, and your friend will know about it for the first time. This may seem difficult to you, but you must be extremely determined. Take the initiative.

Step 2

Be sure to think through the entire conversation. If you decide to end the relationship permanently, do not shy away from the last word "goodbye". There is nothing to be afraid of, because you have already made a decision. This now needs to be said.

Step 3

Never try to end a relationship by phone or letter, message. Show courage and respect towards your friend. Explain everything in person.

Step 4

There is no need to make promises that you know you cannot deliver. Do not promise to think and possibly change the already made decision. Don't promise to see you again and try to talk it over again. The decision has been made, and it cannot be changed or corrected. Make no illusions. The first time will be quite difficult, but then you will understand that you did the right thing. If you really do not need this relationship, you do not need to keep it artificially, creating the appearance that everything is fine.

Step 5

Also, both sides should remember that revenge because of the breakup is not a way out of the situation, since the friend may have the opinion that this step was one hundred percent correct. Trying to put everything back in its place is also not a good idea, since you cannot build a relationship that once cracked.

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