How To Spend A Weekend With Your Husband

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How To Spend A Weekend With Your Husband
How To Spend A Weekend With Your Husband

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Most people are looking forward to the weekend. And they pass so quickly! It is even more offensive because often these few days are spent in household chores or in front of the TV. You start to remember that at the beginning of your family life, the weekend with your husband was more intense. So why are you bored now? Just do not have to make excuses for lack of money and children. Dilute the gray days with an interesting weekend.

How to spend a weekend with your husband
How to spend a weekend with your husband

It is necessary

  • - money for entertainment;
  • - possibly picnic items.


Step 1

The first thing that comes to mind is to go somewhere together. In a cafe or a movie. Or you can remember your childhood and go for a ride in the amusement park. Admit it, have you already managed to get around all museums and theaters? So why not join in the beauty?

And such favorite places for children as a zoo, a circus, a dolphinarium are interesting for adults too.

Step 2

Of course, it is difficult to go somewhere if you have only 2 free days. It is better to postpone travel until vacation. But you will have time to visit the nearest cities of the region. You can find out in advance on the Internet about interesting routes, sights and feel free to go. If the weather permits, you can walk together and walk around your hometown. Believe me, you will see the usual streets in a completely different way than in the morning rush from the bus window.

Step 3

Get out into nature in good weather. Go to the forest or body of water. You can have a picnic, photo session, swim, just walk and get some fresh air. It can be a walk for a couple of hours, or a short hike in which you can make a fire, spend the night in a tent. Grab a ball or badminton, warm up after sitting in the office. In winter, grab a sled and feel free to play snowballs, make a snowman, and go downhill.

Step 4

But it so happens that finances sing romances, or the weather disappoints. Or you are so tired at work that you have neither the strength nor the desire to go somewhere. At home, you can also have great fun. For example, watch interesting films together. Or cook something special. For example, some families always bake a cake for the weekend or prepare an unusual dish for the first time.

Step 5

At home or away, you can entertain yourself with all kinds of games. Only not computer-based, although there are couples who are happy to fight over the network. But now we are talking about board games. Dominoes, checkers, chess, cards. "Monopoly," manager "," munchkin ". Or word games - "crocodile", associations, "guessing". Giving food to the mind together is very exciting! And if you have children, what prevents everyone from assembling mosaics and constructors together?

Step 6

After all, on weekends you can have sex not when you have time and energy, but when you want. You can arrange a day of experimentation - try new positions or places, such as in the kitchen or in the garden. Try to have a day without clothes. Or you can arrange a romantic evening or striptease for your beloved, with a continuation.

Step 7

If you don't have children yet, then you can do whatever you want. This does not mean at all that, having become parents, you will wither away from melancholy and monotony within four walls. It's just that you really can't go to a disco or a long hike with small children. And in the theater, the kid simply will not sit still. Therefore, while there is time, try to do as much as possible.

Often, with the appearance of a child, you either spend the weekend with three of you, or you have to take turns somewhere. But if there are grandparents, why not send the child to visit them for a couple of days? Believe me, everyone will have a lot of positive emotions. After all, both old people and grandchildren have time to get bored, and you will take a little rest from the irrepressible energy of your beloved child, and remember that you are not only parents, but also spouses.

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