A Romantic Man - What Is He?

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A Romantic Man - What Is He?
A Romantic Man - What Is He?

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In the modern pragmatic world, with its eternal haste and fierce competition, romance is not in honor. However, ladies sometimes so want their gentlemen to be at least a little romantic, do not forget to give flowers, say beautiful, graceful compliments. And if they still performed unexpected, extraordinary deeds in honor of their beloved women, they would not have had a price! So what is he, a romantic man, what are his pros and cons?

A romantic man - what is he?
A romantic man - what is he?

The virtues of a romantic man

With a partner like a romantic, a woman will not be bored. He will not limit himself to beautiful words, but will try to surprise her with an unexpected pleasant surprise. A young romantic man is quite capable of singing a serenade under the window of his beloved, writing beautiful poems in her honor, sending her a bouquet of lush roses to work, decorating the opposite wall of the house with a poster: "I love you." He sincerely believes that he is capable of anything for the sake of his beloved woman, even to the extent of getting that notorious star from the sky.

Every woman is very pleased, flattering to feel such an attitude towards herself. After all, a girl wants to be desired, loved.

A romantic, as a rule, is a well-mannered, polite person, he treats the fair sex with sincere respect. A romantic man will not allow a rude, dismissive attitude towards a woman, he will always listen carefully to her opinion on any issue, he will be tactful.

In most cases, a romantic is an educated person with a broad outlook, he knows a lot, is engaged in self-education. Therefore, it is simply interesting and easy to communicate with him. He does not interrupt, tries to find common topics for conversation. Finally, romantics make good lovers, because they are gentle and delicate in bed, trying not only to get pleasure, but also to deliver it to their partners.

Disadvantages of a romantic man

However, many qualities of a romantic man often cease to appeal to a woman if he becomes her husband. First of all, the romantic is usually a very impractical person. He is quite satisfied with the minimum level of prosperity, comfort, and he sincerely does not understand the displeasure of his wife, who expects more from him. A romantic very rarely seeks to make a career, because in his system of values ​​a good position (and the material wealth associated with it) is far from being in the first place.

As a consequence, such a husband is unlikely to be able to play the traditional role of breadwinner and breadwinner of the family.

A romantic-minded man also very rarely meets the definition of a jack of all trades. For him, fixing a leaking tap or attaching a lamp to the wall is a big problem. Not to mention more complicated work, although there are always exceptions. But if a woman is not embarrassed by these shortcomings of a partner, she may well be happy with her romantic man.

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