How To Stop Loving Your Ex-husband

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How To Stop Loving Your Ex-husband
How To Stop Loving Your Ex-husband

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When the relationship ends, and the only and beloved becomes an ex-husband, it's time to radically change your life. Of course, love won't go away overnight. And even more so, the feeling of loss and frustration at the impossibility of owning those who are no longer a soul mate, only enhances the love for the ex-spouse. However, you should resolutely pull yourself together, learn to control your emotions and free yourself from the memories of the past.

How to stop loving your ex-husband
How to stop loving your ex-husband


Step 1

Express your emotions. Love and anger are interconnected. Transform unfulfilled feelings into outbursts of rage. But do not direct your hatred at someone, much less at your ex-husband. Just retire and let the anger manifest as much as possible. Beat the pillow, throw the vases, turn the blanket out, shred the photo album. Most likely, from the outside, these actions will look ridiculous and stupid, but anger is ridiculous in principle. After such a meditation, the thoughts of hurting someone will disappear, and the hysterical feeling of one's “former” and uselessness will grow into poise and a sense of self-worth.

Step 2

After curbing negative emotions, “recovery” from love for the ex can be hampered by thoughts and self-reflection on the topic “I can’t forget”, “I feel bad without him,” “come back”. This problem is much easier to solve. Load your brain with work, start writing memoirs, reading books, solving problems. Believers are purified by prayers, esotericists by mantras.

Step 3

The time has come to get rid of the memories. Replace all the fabulous memories of your marriage and relationship with any other. For example, about a handsome man from the next department. Or at the moment when you want to remember the wedding, force yourself to think about a recent hike in the mountains with friends. A few days of intense training and self-control will do the trick.

Step 4

It's time to reassess your own values. If earlier there was a beloved spouse in the center of your universe, then after his departure, it is time to shift the center to the other side. Draw in your head what will be the priority in the coming days, weeks, years. Dream, articulate your desires and interests. And start implementing them. Repeat this exercise several times to believe in yourself and start a fulfilling life without your ex-husband and without memories of love.

Step 5

Work on the bugs. Try not to step on the old rake in the future. You should start this step after completing all the previous actions on yourself. Many women try to figure out what went wrong just after parting with a man. This only adds new complexes and experiences. Everything has its time. Derive the formula for your mistake, draw conclusions and change. It's simple: if everything is fine in a relationship, few people will think and take action to remake themselves. But if now, after breaking up, you change yourself, probably the situation with the divorce will never happen again.

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