Why Men Leave Beautiful And Smart

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Why Men Leave Beautiful And Smart
Why Men Leave Beautiful And Smart

Video: Why Men Leave Beautiful And Smart

Video: Why Men Leave Beautiful And Smart
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An intelligent and beautiful woman is rightfully proud of herself and her achievements. She is a worthy companion of her man, a real adornment that speaks of his good taste. It would seem that every man wants to see such a woman next to him. But men also leave smart and beautiful women. Why?

Why men leave beautiful and smart
Why men leave beautiful and smart

An intelligent and beautiful woman is a welcome trophy for many men. But at the same time, the opinion is too widespread that a lady should be in the shadow of male glory and once again not express her opinion. And sometimes, despite all the dignity of the chosen one, even after a long relationship, men leave beautiful and smart partners. The reasons for this can be very different.

You are not a couple

According to statistics, one of the most common reasons for parting is the dissimilarity of characters. Relationships with smart and beautiful women are no exception. Partners cannot understand each other, imbued with other people's feelings and experiences. A self-sufficient woman may simply not give a man a chance to show his leadership qualities in a relationship. In this case, the representative of the stronger sex will begin to think about the prospects of further relations with such a partner. A woman's desire to dominate a relationship, always be guided only by her point of view, becomes the reason for separation.

Lack of communication and interest

Men who are in a relationship with a woman expect emotional and psychologically comfortable communication from her. They want not only to listen to themselves, but also to be able to speak out and be understood and heard by a woman. If this need is not satisfied, they begin to look for a place where they will listen with pleasure and support a conversation on an interesting topic.

Communication is a reciprocal process. If a man does not see a sincere interest in communication from a woman, does not receive a sincere response, does not feel his importance for his partner, there is a high probability that he will want to end this relationship.

It also happens that a man loses interest in a woman. Her attention and care is taken for granted, all reactions to events are familiar. A man has won a partner, she is understandable and boring for him. And he goes in search of new sensations in other relationships.

He doesn't feel useful

Smart and beautiful women often achieve significant career success. A leading position, great financial opportunities allow her to solve many issues herself. The man does not have a chance to help even in the smallest things. A woman tries to protect her chosen one from solving everyday issues from the best intentions. But the man has the feeling that he is worthless, all his efforts do not mean anything. Therefore, such a self-sufficient woman does not need him. The search begins for the lady who will allow to hold the door, give a hand, and help with the housework. This behavior of a woman allows a man to rise in his own eyes. And he will take advantage of this opportunity with pleasure.

Excessive custody and pressure

A woman endowed with intelligence and beauty, showing her leadership qualities in relationships, sometimes overly takes care of her man and decides even the smallest issues for him. What to say, to wear, where to go, who to be friends with - everything is decided in a directive manner. The interests of a man are not always taken into account.

Dominating, the partner begins to speak in a derogatory tone about her chosen one, discuss him with friends and relatives. A man feels cornered and looks for a relationship in which he feels freedom.

Women's commercialism

Endless talk about money, hints of gifts give a man reason to suspect a woman of commercialism. This becomes a very frustrating discovery. Indeed, from a relationship with a beautiful lady, he expects mutual feelings and emotions. With such a woman next to him for a long time, he will not stay.

Fear of serious relationships

Despite all his love and admiration for a woman, a man may simply be afraid of a serious relationship. The reasons can be different: a difficult divorce, too painful previous relationships, negative parenting experience. Therefore, seeing a woman's mood for a serious relationship, fearing to hurt her and showing his unpreparedness for such a development of events, he simply leaves. He is hindered by clearly expressed female impatience. Although a man would have nothing against a calm and gradually developing relationship.


In this case, there is nothing to comment on. Few men will express their willingness to continue the relationship after learning about female infidelity. This is too strong a blow to male pride.

New love

The most unpredictable events can happen in life. The man met a new love. She won't necessarily be smarter or prettier. But there will be that "zest" in her that will force him to end his existing relationship. And no matter how offensive it may be, a woman from whom a man leaves needs to go through this situation.

It is difficult to list all the reasons why men leave smart and beautiful women. They are not always obvious. Each couple's relationship has its own characteristics and difficulties. A strong relationship, tested by time and circumstances, is possible when both partners are ready to overcome difficulties, and together bear responsibility for the development and maintenance of the relationship.