5 Reasons Men Run Away From Women

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5 Reasons Men Run Away From Women
5 Reasons Men Run Away From Women

Video: 5 Reasons Men Run Away From Women

Video: 5 Reasons Men Run Away From Women
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It is not only possible to remain abandoned if you have dealt with a notorious villain. Often, even the most normal, ordinary, decent men run away from women. Why is this, and what to do, when this did not happen to you?

Why did he leave? What is wrong with me?
Why did he leave? What is wrong with me?

Already unbearable to marry

It is clear that a woman wants to develop a relationship. Ideally - weddings, "they lived happily ever after and died on the same day" in their own mansion, surrounded by a bunch of children and grandchildren. But if such a scenario is broadcast to the gentleman already on the first date, you must admit that it is annoying. The man may just want to have a good time (and you shouldn't blame him for that). Sometimes the lady somehow manages to restrain herself … but from meeting to meeting she still “breaks through”. It’s a paradox, but even a partner who is purposefully looking for a family can become very tense from such pressure. It is important for a man to feel like a hunter, to conquer a woman, to achieve her, including seeking consent to marriage.

The advice to keep your plans to yourself will not help here. The woman is given away "hungry eyes" and other non-verbal means. You need to change from within. Usually just those ladies who do not aspire to go there (that is, "married") quickly (and more than once).


From beauty to beast

What to hide, we all tend to relax, having achieved the goal. If the goal is to get married or at least establish a stable serious relationship is achieved, a real surprise can await a man: the transformation of a gentle, quivering beauty into a fat aunt in a dressing gown and curlers.

Of course, for a normal person who really loves, changes in the appearance of a partner alone in order to decide on such a radical step as parting (and even a shameful escape) are not enough. You can always talk, tell what you don't like. A loving woman must heed understandable claims. Moreover, it is necessary for her to remain attractive first of all. A neat appearance and well-groomed are in her interests.

The insidiousness of the situation is that external changes are only the visible side of a huge iceberg. We are changing inside. We gain confidence that now they will not leave us. And along with it - bad selfish traits that no normal person will like.

Therefore, remember how you were once loved and rather turn back into this sweet woman. Until it's not too late! And if it's too late, don't let this happen with a new partner.


Too different

At the first stage of a relationship, the difference in intelligence, outlook on life and everyday life may not be noticeable. Sometimes men find the misalliance charming (remember the expression "what a dumb fool"?), And grab hold of the head and run, dropping their slippers, only later. Sometimes they hope to change a partner ("Well, think about it - slob, that's not the happiness"), which is also a bad thing.

It "works" in both directions.


  • You don’t clean up chronically, you don’t see the dirty floor point-blank and think that you shouldn’t wipe the dust on the cabinets at all, you don’t see it, and he is a pedant and a neat. Or vice versa - a man throws dirty socks everywhere, does not follow the toilet lid and cannot fix a broken tap, he is already fine, and you are accustomed to cleanliness and order from childhood.
  • You are watching "Dom2", and he is ready to throw away the TV altogether. Or he loves the "Battle of Psychics", and you only turn on the "Culture" channel.
  • You prefer quiet evenings together, he is the soul of the company (from which you have a headache from the very first minute of communication). Or maybe you have a tradition of going with friends to get-togethers, while your partner thinks that since you are together, you don't need anyone else?

If no one is willing to compromise, there is a great risk of parting. But maybe it's for the best. So everyone will have a chance to find a suitable match for themselves.

The stumbling block is sex

This is more than a difference in character and behavior. If couples successfully live with the intellectual superiority of one of the partners, as the quiet and the soul of the company live, then with a mismatch in sex, almost no one succeeds in maintaining the relationship for a long time.

If a man is a slave in his fantasies, and is excited only by the images of a strict mistress, and a woman at this time wants to be taken as rudely as possible … how will they enjoy intimacy?

Some women don't like anal sex and / or oral sex. There are men who only recognize the "missionary" position. One of the couple is ready to have sex several times a day, and for another, once a week is more than enough.

A man in any of the above situations may try to re-educate his partner for himself, if it does not work out, accept (and secretly change), but there is always an option that he will spit and find the one with which he has a complete coincidence in intimate terms.

And there's nothing you can do about it.

Female infidelity

This reason for the departure of men from women is thousands of years old, but it is always relevant. The stronger sex does not put up with treason, and this is his right. If someone “steps on his own throat” and forgives a traitor, it comes to him sideways. He begins to gnaw himself, constantly remember, feels humiliated and insulted. This does not lead to anything good.

Don't cheat, women. Moreover, the classic wrote that "we are faithful as long as we love." And if you don’t love it, then it’s more honest to leave.

If you nevertheless changed, but want to preserve marriage, partnership, respect, try your best not to get caught. Never confess to treason, keep silent, like a partisan under interrogation. Otherwise - the end of the relationship.