Female Orgasm, Or A Guide For Non-Lazy Men

Female Orgasm, Or A Guide For Non-Lazy Men
Female Orgasm, Or A Guide For Non-Lazy Men

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Female orgasm is an interesting ephemeral concept, everyone is trying to achieve it, but not everyone succeeds. In female animals, it occurs with every sexual intercourse, unlike women.

Female Orgasm, or A Guide for Non-Lazy Men
Female Orgasm, or A Guide for Non-Lazy Men

The majority of women experience orgasm not always and with great difficulty. Men have to work hard, but the problem is that they don't understand the nature of the female orgasm. First of all, the female orgasm is divided into: clitoral, vaginal, uterine, anal and oral.

  1. The clitoris is an organ through which a woman can understand how a man is feeling. When the clitoris is stimulated, arousal increases, reaching its peak, it goes into emotional-harmonious discharge, and then for some time the woman feels satisfied. According to statistics, 70% of women can experience this type of orgasm, it feels similar to the male orgasm. A short note: the sex shop sells clitoral butterflies that vibrate, giving the young ladies pleasure.
  2. Vaginal orgasm occurs without explosions, splashes and subsequent relaxation. This is a completely different kind of feeling. First, the excitement is slowly gaining, then there is a plateau of stability, and then, the excitement fades away. This type of orgasm is experienced by about 20% of women.
  3. As for the uterine orgasm, it is an instinctive animal kind. With it, the uterus contracts, and its cervix throws out a mucous plug. Usually such an orgasm happens in women if the man has great dignity. Only 10% of women experience uterine orgasms.
  4. Anal orgasm - with a certain form of relaxation, both women and men can experience it. But that's another topic for discussion.
  5. Oral orgasm has a psychological mechanism, it is not clear where it is, but it surges and proceeds throughout the body, that is, it is the general reaction of the body to this partner.

Most often, for a woman, sharp and intense movements of a man seem rude. If you pinch, bite, clap your partner, and she will not be psychologically tuned in to this, it means that she will not be able to relax and, based on this, will not experience an orgasm. Therefore, the couple needs to learn to reveal their sexual preferences to each other through an honest dialogue, since both erogenous zones and psychology change over the years.

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