Why Is He Not Ready To Marry

Why Is He Not Ready To Marry
Why Is He Not Ready To Marry

Video: Why Is He Not Ready To Marry

Video: Why Is He Not Ready To Marry
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Of course, he is crazy about you, but this does not mean that he is ready to propose. Recent studies show that men are now increasingly in no hurry to get married. There are several reasons for this. And here are the main ones.

Why is he not ready to marry
Why is he not ready to marry

Men want to build a career, become financially stable, and only then start a family. And the more difficult the career goals of your chosen one, the longer he will not think about marriage.

The second reason why he doesn't want to get married is because you already live together. You share a roof over your head, sleep in the same bed, spend time together, you have a common wallet, and in fact you are no different from married people. For many men, in such a situation, the meaning of marriage disappears altogether.

So what should women who dream of a family do? Talk to your man cleanly. Ask him how he sees your relationship in the future, if he thinks about children. Make it clear to him that marriage is not only a common bed and wallet, but a sign that you are ready to take responsibility for each other and for your offspring. Of course, you are unlikely to receive a marriage proposal right away. But your loved one will probably think about your future together.

Unfortunately, there are such categories of men who, regardless of the circumstances, are completely unprepared to marry. See if your boyfriend belongs to one of them?


Do you spend your weekends separately from each other, go on vacation separately, do you have no common friends and interests? Do you do anything at all together? No matter how different people are, there always comes a moment when they stop associating their deeds and actions only with themselves and start thinking about their other half. If this has not yet happened in your couple, this is a sure sign that the man is completely unprepared for marriage.

He avoids anything that causes discomfort.

Not all men are happy with the prospect of joint meals with the girl's parents, but they sacrifice their comfort for our sake. After all, getting to know your parents is an integral element in building relationships. If your boyfriend avoids even mentioning family holidays, then he is not yet ready for a serious relationship with you.

Most of his friends are loners

People tend to socialize and choose friends with similar outlooks on life. Take a closer look at the lifestyle of his friends. If they are inveterate bachelors, then your chosen one most likely adheres to the same views on relationships.

He has no long term plans

Ask your boyfriend how he sees himself in five years, what he would like to achieve by this time. And he himself will tell you whether he sees himself as the head of the family, a big boss in the company or a careless tourist on a wild beach. If he does not think about the future at all, then there is no need to talk about creating a family.

If at least one of the points suits your loved one, do not rush to get upset. Perhaps he is not ready to marry now, this does not mean that it will always be so, you just need to wait. How many? It depends not only on him, but also on you. Spend more time together, make plans for the future, and try to communicate more often with married acquaintances. Work on yourself and your relationships, because if he is your destiny, then family happiness is inevitable.

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