How To Manage Girls

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How To Manage Girls
How To Manage Girls

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An ordinary normal guy does not want to get under a woman's heel at all. Better, on the contrary, to manage and sometimes even manipulate your only one. The only question is how to do it. In practice, everything is not so difficult, the main thing is not to consider her a “queen” and understand the basic basics of this skill, and then successfully train your skill in practice.

How to manage girls
How to manage girls

How to manipulate a girl

Learn to properly "hang noodles" on your girlfriend. The old methods are usually the most effective. In this case, your companion will relax and begin to feel herself on top of the pedestal, and this will be just right for you. Actively participate in her conversations, this will also pacify her vigilance. Ladies just love it when they are listened to carefully. No wonder they say - if you want to breed a girl for sex - hang her noodles, let her talk, cloud her mind with various compliments, and she is yours.

Find out what she wants and what she dreams of. For example, your companion wants to go on vacation to another country next month. Even if this trip is not yet included in your plans, convince your beloved that you will definitely go there together. As a result, you can come up with many plausible excuses for why you did not manage to leave. But all this time, while she is waiting for the rest, she will, like silk, fulfill all your requests.

A couple more tips for manipulating a girl

Learn to play and manipulate. Learn to guide your girlfriend in the direction you want. In the evening you are going to have a good rest with friends. But she decided to go to the theater with you. What to do in this case? Be smarter and smarter. Tell her that she doesn't have the right dress for the theater, but her new jeans will fit perfectly with your friends. If she starts to doubt, you are doing everything right. Tell your beloved that your friend's girlfriend just wants to meet her, and it will be very ignorant of her not to go to her friends. Most likely, the girl will decide that you are right and give up.

Use the principle "You are for me, I am for you." For example, you decided to go fishing with your friends, but the girl doesn't want to let you go? Invite her to call her friends and arrange a bachelorette party at your home. Well, or promise her to bring the largest fish. Even if you can't catch it, there are fish shops in town. If she's not interested in fish, just promise that as soon as you get back, you will go to the store together and buy her something beautiful. Oddly enough, but with the help of money, you can control almost any girl in different situations.

Fall in love with a girl. Fall in love, and you don't have to invent anything. She will be crazy about you and will fulfill all your wishes and whims. The main thing is not to be too harsh and cruel with her, just sometimes do what is beneficial for you. And, of course, love your companion, and don't just use her.

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