20 Rules Of A Real Bitch

20 Rules Of A Real Bitch
20 Rules Of A Real Bitch

Video: 20 Rules Of A Real Bitch

Video: 20 Rules Of A Real Bitch
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Being a bitch is not so bad if you know when to stop. Overly shy girls usually achieve much less than girls who are not shy. We bring to your attention 20 rules of this bitch. Remember that this is just a guideline, not a guide to action!

20 rules of a real bitch
20 rules of a real bitch

1. The girls for whom men become knights are not always special. It's just that they usually don't care about men.

2. If you show that you have become addicted to a man, it will alienate him. Men love girls who show independence.

3. A man always treats a girl as she treats herself.

4. The girl who considers herself a gift of fate evokes the same thoughts in men.

5. A real bitch is not afraid to show that she can do without a man.

6. When a girl is not available, a man wants to conquer her. An easily conquered "fortress" is worth nothing.

7. A girl who knows her worth says that she is not ready to throw herself into a "flood of feelings." Then men will do their best to change it.

8. If a girl is overprotective of a man, he is looking for a way to salvation.

9. A wise girl does not require deeds from a man. She just looks at what he can do for her.

10. The bitch always leaves the man enough space so that he does not feel that he is in a cage.

11. A real woman does not force a man and makes him understand that he is free in his actions. Then he removes the defense.

12. A real bitch makes it clear to a man that he is next to him of his own free will, and not under duress. And it can always leave.

13. A wise girl gives a man the illusion that everything is under control. Then you can twirl them as you like, and he will be happy.

14. As soon as a girl starts competing with another girl, she belittles herself.

15. A real bitch does not tire himself with jealousy. After all, her self-esteem is above all other feelings.

16. If a man has to wait until the girl goes to bed with him, he will better appreciate her dignity.

17. A wise girl allows a man to give her maximum pleasure in bed. She doesn't try to lead or coerce.

18. A real bitch does not give up on the first date at the mercy of the winner, especially if the winner is not her man. The further the "sweet moment" goes, the higher the chance that you will remain friends.

19. Sometimes a man does not call to check your reaction. Sometimes he just has no time. A wise girl never panics about such calls.

20. If a bitch has set conditions for a man, she will not back down from them: otherwise she is a doormat, and not the girl of his dreams.