How To Enroll A Child In A Short-stay Group

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How To Enroll A Child In A Short-stay Group
How To Enroll A Child In A Short-stay Group
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For the placement of a baby in a group of short-term stay, it is necessary to collect some documents. Their list is the same for preschool institutions in all Russian regions.

How to enroll a child in a short-stay group
How to enroll a child in a short-stay group

How to enroll in a short stay group

There are short-stay groups in almost every preschool. They are intended for children between the ages of 2 and 3. In order to enroll a baby in such a group, you do not need to wait until the queue for kindergarten comes. You can simply contact the management of the institution and check the availability of vacancies. It is better to contact the kindergarten in person, rather than by phone call. During a conversation with the head or specialist of the personnel department, you need to clarify all the details of this form of preschool education.

Registration in a group of a short-term stay can take time, so it is better to clarify in advance which documents will be required for this. In most kindergartens, these requirements are the same, but it is still possible to encounter certain nuances.

What documents are required for admission to a short-stay group

If a specialist from the personnel department confirms the availability of vacancies, it is necessary to bring a photocopy of the baby's birth certificate and a printout from the Internet or an extract to the preschool institution, which will indicate the individual number issued when the child enters the kindergarten queue. An extract can be obtained from the city Committee for Preschool Education.

The kindergarten management sends copies of documents for approval to the Committee, and after receiving approval, parents can already apply for admission to the kindergarten. At the same time, they must have a child's medical record with a passed medical commission in their hands.

To pass the commission and receive a card, you must contact the clinic at your place of residence. It is much faster to go through all the doctors in one of the paid clinics, but it will not be cheap.

To register a child in a short-term stay group, you must have with you the original birth certificate of the baby, a medical card with the passed commission, the passport of the child's mother or father. A passport is required to conclude an agreement between one of the baby's parents and the management of the kindergarten.

It is also necessary to have a compulsory health insurance policy for the child with you. You will definitely need it when processing documents in the office of a full-time doctor of a preschool institution.

After all the formalities are settled, parents can start taking the baby to the short-stay group, starting from the day that is specified in the contract and is the date of its entry into force.

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