How To Introduce Meat To An Allergic Child

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How To Introduce Meat To An Allergic Child
How To Introduce Meat To An Allergic Child
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The introduction of new products into the baby's diet is in itself some test for the body, and in the presence of allergic reactions to some dishes, this process becomes much more complicated. The parents are faced with the task of gradually accustoming the stomach and the digestive system as a whole to unfamiliar tastes, without injuring the body.


Allergies can be to various foods and individual elements. The main thing is to correctly determine its type and study all the components of the purchased dishes. For example, if there is a reaction to cow's milk protein, otherwise called lactose deficiency, beef intolerance may occur.

Which meat is least allergic

For the first feeding of an allergic baby, you should choose turkey or rabbit meat. In the absence of allergies, you can gradually include veal and beef in the diet, and a little later, lean pork. It is recommended to add lamb last.

According to the recommendation of nutritionists, meat should be alternated on the menu after a week or a month, and when the child reaches 10 months, fish dishes should be included in the menu once a week.

Complementary feeding rules

A new type of food should be introduced into the child's diet when he is relatively healthy, that is, there are no redness and rashes on the skin. At the same time, it is highly undesirable to combine the addition of several new dishes at the same time. The first complementary foods for children prone to allergies are prescribed later than others, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. For the first time, you can give a quarter teaspoon a day. This should take place in the morning. Each time, the volume is doubled and brought to the age norm within 7-10 days.

Parents should assess the condition of the child's skin on a daily basis and pay attention to his digestion. At the same time, any changes signal the need to stop using this product.

Meat should be introduced as a complementary food after the body's normal reaction to vegetable puree. The most optimal age to get acquainted with the taste of meat is 7-7.5 months. The first mashed potatoes should be monocomponent, that is, those that consist of one type of meat.

If the child is already one year old, you can try to introduce chicken meat, but if there is an allergy to chicken eggs, then this option disappears. Self-preparation of mashed potatoes requires a special order: first of all, the meat must be boiled in two waters - first put in boiling water until bubbles form, then do it again. It should be noted that absolutely all meat broths are contraindicated for children with food allergies.

In general, the procedure for introducing meat into the diet should be agreed with the attending physician.

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