How To Choose A Baby Bath

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How To Choose A Baby Bath
How To Choose A Baby Bath

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The feeling of fear of bathing a newborn baby visits almost all young parents. After all, it is necessary to wash the baby so that he not only does not get scared, but even loves this daily procedure. The success of your bath depends a lot on the right bath. The modern range of tanks for bathing newborns is so wide that even quite experienced parents find it difficult to choose the option most suitable for them and their baby.

How to choose a baby bath
How to choose a baby bath


Step 1

Give preference to a tub with a drain. Thanks to him, you can easily change the water while bathing, and after the procedure, drain it without any problems.

Step 2

Be sure to make sure that the newborn bath you like is stable enough. It is better to choose a model with rubberized feet that prevent it from sliding on a horizontal surface.

Step 3

Some newborn baths have thermoplastic inserts that change color depending on the temperature of the water.

Step 4

A special loop, which is present in many baby baths, will allow you to save space in the apartment, thanks to which the container can be easily hung on the wall.

Step 5

The anatomical bath is very popular with modern parents. The built-in slide-support located inside it follows all the contours of the newborn baby's body, and the support under the back protects him from slipping. The baby's head during bathing is above the water level, and the handles remain free, which makes the procedure safe and comfortable for the baby. The disadvantage of such a bath is that the projections of the support slide do not allow you to put the newborn on the stomach to wash the back.

Step 6

The baby bath "Mom's tummy" is a novelty in the modern market of baby accessories. Its original shape in the form of a round bowl-shaped container with high sides recreates for the crumbs the conditions to which he was accustomed for 9 months of intrauterine life.

Step 7

An excellent option for bathing a newborn is a bathtub mounted in the changing table. Its main convenience lies in the fact that it is possible to process the baby's skin after bathing and swaddle it very quickly, because everything you need for this is already at hand.

Step 8

Take a closer look at antibacterial baby baths. The plastic from which they are made contains a special antiseptic agent that prevents the growth of bacteria. By choosing such a model, you will not have to treat it with disinfectants before each bath.

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