How To Use A Nursing Pillow

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How To Use A Nursing Pillow
How To Use A Nursing Pillow

Video: How To Use A Nursing Pillow

Video: How To Use A Nursing Pillow
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Breastfeeding is very pleasant for every mother, but it happens that back pain begins to bother, as well as fatigue in the arms. In this case, a feeding pillow will help. She will make the feeding process comfortable enough for both the baby and the mother. With the help of a special shape of such a pillow, the baby is directly opposite the breast, and the back of the nursing woman is automatically kept straight.

How to use a nursing pillow
How to use a nursing pillow


Step 1

The baby nursing pillow can be used at different angles in relation to the breast. It should be located at the mother's waist and secured at the ends with special Velcro or ties.

Step 2

If necessary, you can stand up or walk, change your lying position during feeding with the pillow, without worrying about its fall.

Step 3

In addition, this invention can be used as a cozy "cradle" for a baby, in the future he will learn to sit with its help.

Step 4

Also, this pillow can come in handy while waiting for the baby. It reduces the pressure of the unborn child on the spine, eliminates various pain sensations in the lumbar region when you sit, if you put it under your back while sitting.

Step 5

This support is ideal for sleeping on the side, recommended for all pregnant women. It also supports the abdomen well and reduces spinal deflection.

Step 6

The nursing pillow can be easily moved to support your legs, between your legs, so that it can align your body position and also allow you to sleep comfortably.

Step 7

This device can be a great entertainment for a growing baby, it is convenient for rest and sleep for the whole family.

Step 8

This pillow will be especially useful for mums of twins, because it allows you to feed two babies at the same time.

Step 9

It can also be used to support the baby when he is lying, for example, on his tummy. This will be a very beneficial process for developing your baby's back muscles.

Step 10

In addition, when a child grows up, he quickly gains weight and it becomes difficult to hold him in his arms. In this case, the nursing pillow will significantly reduce muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. She will be able to keep the baby at the same level as the mother's breast during feeding, so she will not need to bend forward or raise one leg higher.