Plastic Chest Of Drawers In The Nursery: Pros And Cons

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Plastic Chest Of Drawers In The Nursery: Pros And Cons
Plastic Chest Of Drawers In The Nursery: Pros And Cons

Video: Plastic Chest Of Drawers In The Nursery: Pros And Cons

Video: Plastic Chest Of Drawers In The Nursery: Pros And Cons
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When arranging a children's room, parents often think about how and where to place a bunch of toys. Wooden shelves, dressers and wardrobes are very expensive. In the children's room, they can quickly lose their original appearance, because children now and then outline everything, paste over with stickers, spill water. Wooden furniture will not withstand such a load for long. To help parents, you can offer plastic furniture. It will fit perfectly into the children's interior, will stand there for the entire childhood of the child and withstand all the children's pranks. But are children's toy dressers so good?

Plastic chest of drawers in the nursery: pros and cons
Plastic chest of drawers in the nursery: pros and cons

Benefits of plastic furniture for children

Plastic dressers in the nursery will look original and appropriate, especially if you choose them according to the theme of the children's room design. Plastic is a very flexible and fusible material, so not only standard chests of drawers can be created from it, but also of different shapes. Do you want rounded or animal-shaped? You are welcome! Plastic dressers for the nursery are compact, they can be placed under the children's table or on it; there are tall ones with different numbers of pull-out cabinets. Plastic chests of drawers are lightweight, due to the presence of wheels, they are mobile, they can be moved around the apartment without any problems.

Plastic chests of drawers for children are made of high quality material that practically does not contain harmful substances. The paint on the dressers does not fade, does not fade, and bright pictures on the facades will always amuse the child. Plastic is easy to clean, traces of paints and felt-tip pens come off well. Places of children's stickers can always be washed so that the child refills his chest of drawers again and again with new drawings. Plastic surfaces are difficult to scratch; if this happens, then the scratch will practically not be visible.

Drawers in high-quality plastic chests of drawers are solid, cannot be disassembled. In such dressers there are no clips for drawers, so the child can easily pull out the desired shelf and go to play.

Conveniently, there are no metal or glass inserts in such chests of drawers, because of which the child can suffer. Plastic chests of drawers are made without sharp corners, they do not crack or delaminate over time.

Plastic chests of drawers are attractive for their price. They are inexpensive and have a lot of storage space. They can be replaced at any time and without great expense for another attractive chest of drawers, if the existing one is tired.

Bright and cheerful plastic chests of drawers in the children's room will not only create a mood, but also teach your child to order. Putting away their toys in the boxes, the kid will learn how to keep the room clean.

Disadvantages of plastic dressers

Are plastic dressers so good for a children's room? After all, this is furniture made of such a material that contains a certain amount of toxins. They can be released at a certain temperature and humidity in the room. To make plastic chests of drawers safe for health, it is worth ventilating the child's room at least once a day.

Do not put children's plastic chests of drawers near a battery or stove, because they can melt or even explode from high temperatures. Plastic also cracks in the cold, so do not store chests of drawers made of this material on the balcony if it is not insulated.

Cheap Chinese plastic cracks quickly, leaving sharp corners and cracks. Therefore, choose chests of drawers made of high-quality plastic (Czech Republic, Italy, Germany).

For some parents, the big drawback is that the drawers do not have latches. Children who do not yet understand their strength can drop a box of toys on themselves by pulling it sharply towards themselves. Also, a half-empty chest of drawers is dangerous for small children. Due to the light weight of the plastic, the child can push the chest of drawers so that it falls on it.

Do not forget that all chests of drawers (regardless of what material they are made of) tend to fall if you open all the drawers at once. Therefore, parents should take care of the safety of the child in the nursery.