How To Protect Your Child From The Teacher

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How To Protect Your Child From The Teacher
How To Protect Your Child From The Teacher

Video: How To Protect Your Child From The Teacher

Video: How To Protect Your Child From The Teacher
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When defining his beloved child to school, each parent is sure that he sends him to the place of receiving not only knowledge, but also other vital lessons: politeness, tact, respect, kindness. A place where wise mentors are able to protect him from all the misfortunes and cruelties of this world. This is the ideal. But what if it turns out to be necessary in the literal sense of the word to protect the child from the teacher?

How to protect your child from the teacher
How to protect your child from the teacher


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It may well happen that it is precisely those people who are called to teach the child goodness that they themselves are the embodiment of universal evil. After all, a teacher is not always a vocation. More than once I heard that primary school teachers humiliate children in class, calling them all sorts of swear words. There are often cases when it comes to assault: teachers hit the child's hands with a pointer, a ruler or even a book on the head, "twist" ears for the slightest misconduct, put in a corner on your knees or locked in a closet. And all this in the face of a whole class! And the unstable psyche of the little person suffers. Against the background of constant humiliation and fear, the baby can withdraw into himself, earn psychological trauma, or even become an outcast in the team. This must not be allowed!

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To protect your child from the teacher, you must first of all trust your child and always take his side so that he feels your love and support. Ask your child more often about school affairs and if he tells you about the teacher's behavior outside the scope of pedagogy, you should immediately sound the alarm.

Step 3

Talk to other children and their parents beforehand to find out if a single incident of violence was used against your child (just “in a fit of anger”), or it is a boorish form of behavior that is common for a certain teacher, encouraged by children's fear and general impunity. In the case of the latter, you should immediately contact the school administration.

Step 4

Demand at least a "face-to-face confrontation" with the "torturer", or better - calling him "on the carpet" to the director, the head teacher, the entire teaching and parenting staff. If such a measure does not help over time, and the teacher is indeed an inadequate person with pronounced psychological problems, then urgently seek his dismissal or transfer your child to another school.

Step 5

The most important thing is to understand that such behavior of a teacher is unacceptable under any circumstances. The most he can do to maintain order and discipline in the classroom is to write in a diary or call you to school.

Step 6

With the right tactical approach, protecting a child from a teacher is not only possible, but also necessary. And the sooner you start to act decisively, the less your child's psyche will suffer.