How To Save A Child From Troubles

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How To Save A Child From Troubles
How To Save A Child From Troubles

Video: How To Save A Child From Troubles

Video: How To Save A Child From Troubles
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Danger can lie in wait for a child anywhere. One of the main causes of death among children is accidents at home and on the street. In addition, it is children, due to their gullibility, who become victims of scammers and criminals. The task of parents is to organize the living space in such a way as to reduce the danger to a minimum.

How to save a child from troubles
How to save a child from troubles


Step 1

Move the medications away so that the child cannot reach them. Keep all detergents (powder, bleach, etc.) out of reach. Do not leave matches or lighters on the table so that a young child may not be tempted to use them. If your child is often alone at home, install smoke detectors. Explain what to do if something catches fire: leave the apartment immediately and call for help. Try not to leave your child alone for a long time.

Step 2

Explain the rules of conduct on the road.

Step 3

Teach your child how to behave on the street in the presence of animals: do not wave your arms, do not scream, do not threaten a dog or cat. Try not to pet the animal, because the danger of aggression on his part is high. In addition, stray animals are carriers of infectious diseases. The child must clearly know that after playing with animals, he must wash his hands.

Step 4

Tell your child that he should be careful when dealing with strangers: try not to talk to them, not react if they offer to treat them with something, take a ride in a car, etc. Do not give strangers your belongings - phone, clothes, keys. Do not open doors when you are alone at home. Try to avoid uncrowded places, especially in the evening. When in danger, shout and make noise, call for help to get people's attention.

Step 5

Provide the child with phone numbers and addresses of relatives. Young children should know their full name, home address, parents' names well. If you lose your phone, write down all the necessary information and put it in your school bag. Arrange with neighbors so that they can look after the child if necessary.

Step 6

Be interested in what your child reads, looks, with whom he is friends. Communicate with school teachers regularly. Establish a relationship of trust. Be careful if you notice that the child began to behave in an unusual way for him: he became withdrawn, stopped talking, his behavior became inadequate.