How To Put A Child In A Car Seat

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How To Put A Child In A Car Seat
How To Put A Child In A Car Seat
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The safety of a child in a car is a combination of many factors. The car seat plays an important role: how firmly it is installed and how the baby is fastened in it. So, when landing in a chair, there are certain rules that must be followed.

Child car seat
Child car seat


Step 1

The seat is attached to the car using standard belts. Another common fixing method is with the Isofix mount. There are special vehicles that are equipped with such a mounting system. Information about this can be obtained from authorized dealers. In addition, the child seat must have a Certificate of Conformity to the Standards of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Compliance with the standards indicates that the chair model has passed the necessary tests and is suitable for use. The classification of car seats by weight groups is also provided.

Step 2

The seat for a child is installed in the car with its back in the direction of travel (for children from two years of age). It is necessary that the musculoskeletal system was strong, then the baby will sit confidently in the chair. Unfasten the buckle before planting (there may be several). Place the child in the seat and put the harness on the right and left shoulder. Now connect the straps that come from the top with the bottom strap. Thus, the child is firmly pressed against the chair.

Step 3

Explain to your baby before boarding that the harness buckles should not be touched during the ride, as this could lead to an accident. Some seats have a side impact protection function. They are usually installed sideways on the seat in the direction of traffic. This chair guarantees safety for the child's cervical spine. Pay attention to whether the child is sweating while sitting in the chair. It depends entirely on the quality of the upholstery. It is desirable that it be natural and durable. And of course, the upholstery must be completely removed from the chair so that it can be washed.

Step 4

The back seat of a car is the safest place for a child seat. Deactivate the airbag if you put the seat in the front seat. Cover the sun shades to keep the baby out of the sun. If the baby's head protrudes beyond the upper back of the car seat, this indicates that it needs to be replaced with a seat of the next age category.

Step 5

Children who ride in car seats almost from birth get used to it. For older children, try to develop a positive attitude towards such trips. When choosing a car seat, take your child with you to the store. Let him sit in a chair for a while. Let him choose the color himself. At home, let him put his toys in a chair. So, gently teach him the correct behavior when traveling. The child should sit quietly in the chair, not be capricious and not distract the driver from the road. This is especially true for children over one year old. Much also depends on the parents. As you behave while driving, so the child will behave over time.

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