How To Stretch Your Child To Twine

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How To Stretch Your Child To Twine
How To Stretch Your Child To Twine

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If a child is engaged in gymnastics, dancing or martial arts, it is very important for him to be able to sit on the twine. The sooner you start working with him, the easier and faster you will stretch his muscles. Do not try to put your child on a twine after a few sessions - the process is quite long and requires regular exercise.

How to stretch your child to twine
How to stretch your child to twine

It is necessary

Gymnastic mat


Step 1

For classes, choose comfortable elastic clothing for your child that will not hinder his movements. Shoes should not slip.

Step 2

Always warm up your child's muscles before stretching them for twine. To warm up, ask him to jump, squat, or walk quickly for five to ten minutes.

Step 3

Place the child on the floor, ask him to stretch his legs and reach his toes with his hands. It is necessary to hold the stretch for about twenty to thirty seconds. When performing the task, the back should be straight.

Step 4

Repeat the previous exercise, but with the right leg bent slightly first and then the left leg. Do not rush the child, let him feel every muscle.

Step 5

For the next task, the child needs to lie on the floor (preferably on a gymnastic mat) and raise his legs along the wall. Ask him to spread and slide his legs several times. The slower the exercise, the more effective it is.

Step 6

For another exercise, the child needs to stand up and put his right leg on some stable object (sofa armrest, low table) at an angle of ninety degrees. When performing, he should slowly reach first to the toes of the right foot, then down to the toes of the left. After five to seven repetitions, you need to change your leg and do the exercise for the left leg.

Step 7

The next task is also performed while standing: the child spreads his legs as wide as possible and very slowly squats with a straight back ten to fifteen times. Then he bends alternately to the toes of the right, then the left leg. Support the child as necessary to keep him balanced.

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