What Are The Benefits For The Birth Of A Third Child

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What Are The Benefits For The Birth Of A Third Child
What Are The Benefits For The Birth Of A Third Child
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Large families are families with three or more children. For parents, raising several children is a great responsibility and a great job. Benefits for large families are spelled out in Russian legislation. They are designed to reduce family expenses on separate items and thereby support parents.

many children
many children


Step 1

Regional maternity capital. Its size and payment procedure is determined by the region. The law on regional maternity capital has not been adopted in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. For example, in Chechnya and the Tatar Republic, regional capital is not paid. In the Central Federal District, all regions have adopted a law that determines the issuance of maternity capital.

Step 2

Regional allowance for the third child. It is paid from the regional budget from the moment a child is born until he reaches the age of three. The amount of the allowance corresponds to the regional subsistence minimum per child.

Step 3

Provision of a land plot for individual housing construction. The conditions for the provision of land plots depend on the policy of each individual region. For example, in Moscow and the Moscow region, land for construction is issued only to families in need of better housing conditions. In a number of other regions, for example, in the Tambov region, there are no restrictions on the issue of a plot.

Step 4

Benefits for every minor child. Paid until children reach the age of 18.

Step 5

Benefits for children from large families attending educational institutions:

- free travel on intracity and regional transport;

- free meals;

- monetary compensation for the purchase of school supplies and school uniforms (issued once every three years).

Step 6

Compensation for utilities in the amount of 30%. Utilities include: payment for hot and cold water supply, gas and heating. For families living in rural areas, compensation for the purchase of solid fuel is provided.

Step 7

Free dispensing of prescription drugs for children under 6 years old, as well as an extraordinary appointment with a doctor.

Step 8

Provision of free vouchers to children's health camps (in some regions, only partial compensation of the voucher cost is provided).

Step 9

Free admission to museums, exhibitions, art galleries once a month.

Step 10

Personal vehicle tax exemption. This benefit is of a declarative nature, that is, you must contact the tax office.

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