How To Make A Characterization For A Preschooler

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How To Make A Characterization For A Preschooler
How To Make A Characterization For A Preschooler
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Some modern schools, when a child enters the first grade, require from the management of the preschool institution he attended a description containing information about the skills and achievements of the child, as well as about his ability to find mutual understanding with other children and adults. As a rule, it is entrusted to the preschooler to draw up a description of the preschooler.

How to make a characterization for a preschooler
How to make a characterization for a preschooler


Step 1

Start compiling a characteristic for a preschooler by listing his personal data: full name, date and place of birth, as well as address of residence. List the name and address of the preschool that your child attended.

Step 2

In the characteristic, write about how quickly the child adapted in the group, how he interacts with his peers and adults, whether he is sociable and open enough. Indicate in what mood the child comes to kindergarten, whether he often misses classes.

Step 3

Do not forget to write about how independent the preschooler is, whether he can dress or undress without the help of adults, whether he observes basic rules of personal hygiene.

Step 4

Indicate how the kid relates to kindergarten activities, whether he is active enough, whether he participates in developing games and competitions. What types of activities he likes best, and what seem difficult or boring. Be sure to write about whether the preschooler is diligent during class, how long it takes him to switch from one activity to another, how self-critical he is.

Step 5

The characteristic for a preschooler should contain information about the characteristics of the child's behavior: how sociable, attentive and diligent he is, whether he is able to competently and consistently express his thoughts and draw conclusions. Write about how the baby behaves in conflict situations.

Step 6

If the child attends any circles or sections, be sure to indicate their name and type of activity (sports, dancing, drawing, music, etc.).

Step 7

Include only the most important information about your preschooler in your profile. Do not get carried away with words and expressions with a bright emotional and expressive coloring. Do not use medical and psychological concepts such as hyperactive, passive, aggressive in characterizing a preschooler.

Step 8

Sign and endorse the characteristic drawn up for the preschooler with the head of your preschool educational institution.

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