How To Wean A Child From Mom

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How To Wean A Child From Mom
How To Wean A Child From Mom

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The child's attachment to his own mother is due to nature, but sometimes she is too strong. Weaning a baby away from a parent means stopping breastfeeding, teaching him to sleep separately, and explaining that sometimes mom will have to leave.

How to wean a child from mom
How to wean a child from mom


Step 1

Wean your baby off breastfeeding. This process is the embodiment of the close bond between him and his mother, but there comes a time when he must become more independent. Reduce the number of feedings gradually, without taking the breast away from the baby dramatically and irrevocably. The latter method can be painful not only for the baby, but also for you.

Step 2

Start bottle feeding with expressed milk instead of formula. This will help smooth out the weaning process. Perhaps the baby will refuse to eat from the bottle when it is in the mother's hands. In this case, dad or grandmother will have to feed him for some time.

Step 3

Do not try to wean the baby from the breast by smearing it with mustard or brilliant green. These funds have long been known among the people, but they are capable of inflicting real psychological trauma on the baby.

Step 4

Wean your child from sleeping in the parent's bed. This problem occurs later than the end of breastfeeding, but is no less serious. The child may come to your bed at night on his own, or cry and scream until you let him. Start with a nap. When putting your child to bed in the daytime, do not lie down next to him, but stay upright. Be sure to put him on his own bed, not yours.

Step 5

Place your child's bed next to yours. You will have to start small: your beds will touch, the child will always be able to feel your touch. Gradually begin to move his crib aside. First ten, then thirty centimeters, and so on. Place an obstruction (such as a bedside table or toy box) between your sleeping areas. And only after a few weeks, and possibly months, will you be able to move the bed and the baby to another room.

Step 6

Set up a sleeping place for your child. If you wean a baby out of his bed at three or four years old, you will have to lure him into his own space with something. Pictures on the walls, bed linen with cartoon characters, children's night light - all this will create the right atmosphere and help the child to get comfortable in a new place.

Step 7

At first, the baby can come to you at night. Hug him affectionately and walk him to bed every time he returns. Perseverance will show your child that you are firm in your intentions.

Step 8

The last step in instilling independence is the ability of the child to remain without a mother. The first year of life for a baby should take place under your supervision, he should feel your presence and care. But on the second - you can begin to gradually move away to a distance. To begin with, during a joint game, leave for three to five minutes and return with a smile on your face, continuing the lesson.

Step 9

Continue to lengthen the time of your breakups, but slowly and gradually. In the middle of the way, you can leave the baby for an hour or two with your grandmother or dad, then for a day, and after a year or two, you can calmly go on vacation with your husband for three to five days. It is important not to rush and tear the child away from the mother. Harshness in such a case will cause a trauma that will last a lifetime.

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