Why Dream Of Cleaning

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Why Dream Of Cleaning
Why Dream Of Cleaning
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Cleaning an apartment is, of course, a useful and enjoyable business. But some people sometimes have to wash the floors, vacuum and wipe the dust, not only in reality, but also in their sleep. To correctly interpret the pictures you see, you need to look into the dream book.

Cleaning can be done not only in reality, but also in a dream
Cleaning can be done not only in reality, but also in a dream

Why dream of cleaning?

If you suddenly dreamed of cleaning the house or putting things in order in any public places, then in reality the dreamer needs to try to dot the "and". The fact is that in real life he has accumulated many problems and questions that require immediate resolution. If you do not pay any attention to this, then the dreamer's immediate future can become unbearable. If the owner of dreams is satisfied with the result of the cleaning that he started in his dream, then in reality he will be able to cope with the accumulated problems without any problems.

Many interpreters believe that cleaning your own house means putting things in order in your personal affairs, and cleaning up someone else's room means sticking your nose where no one asks! To clean up at work - to perform a large volume of certain tasks, to an increased load, etc. An important point: if you voluntarily clean your workplace in a dream, then this indicates a desire for a promotion. If the boss forces you to clean up, then in reality you will have to do someone else's work.

Why dream of washing floors?

Gustav Miller characterizes this dream as negative. According to him, washing the floors in a dream is a nuisance in reality, and doing it in someone else's house is a sign of separation or even death. According to the Slavic dream book, washing the floors symbolizes the arrival of unexpected guests. The good news is that these guests have a positive interpretation.

If you look at Meneghetti's dream book, it becomes clear that dreaming about washing the floors in the bathroom will generally lead to masturbation or empty erotic fantasies. According to the same dream book, if there are many knives in the kitchen, where the dreamer is cleaning the floors, then in reality aggression from someone is not excluded.

Some dream books call to memorize in detail the inventory with which the cleaning was carried out. For example, washing the floors with a wooden mop - to restore order among the chaos of thoughts in your own head. Wipe the dust with a dry rag - to someone's advice in reality, and doing it with a damp rag - to some kind of social conflict.

Often people have dreams in which they thoroughly and persistently wash the floors, but they still remain dirty and dusty. Such dreams indicate the futility of efforts on the part of a sleeping person. It is curious that on a subconscious level he understands this, but so far he cannot achieve his goals. His brain, in turn, projects these experiences into dreams of constantly dirty floors.

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