How To Celebrate A Birthday In Kindergarten

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How To Celebrate A Birthday In Kindergarten
How To Celebrate A Birthday In Kindergarten

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The birthday of your son or daughter is approaching. You dream that this holiday will remain bright and cheerful in children's memory. But how to celebrate the celebration if the children go to kindergarten? After all, by the evening the birthday person or the birthday girl will be tired, and the feast can turn into an everyday gathering of adults. Arrange a children's party without exhausting yourself, guests, and most importantly, the baby - celebrating a birthday in a kindergarten.

How to celebrate a birthday in kindergarten
How to celebrate a birthday in kindergarten


Step 1

Talk to your supervisor or caregivers about the possibility of having a party. Kindergartens have spacious and comfortable rooms where children can have fun, play, watch performances and treat themselves to a variety of goodies. In many kindergartens, celebrating the birthdays of pupils is a tradition. But, if the manager is reluctant to do this or puts forward any material conditions for such a kind of rent, then think about how this idea is generally justified. If you are ready to go to all the conditions - plan a holiday. No - come up with a different scenario. Your mood should not be overshadowed by anything.

Step 2

You were allowed to celebrate the holiday, they allocated an excellent hall, instructed what you can and cannot bring from food and how much time you can spend on the event. Forward! Write a script, let your baby tell about this birthday someday to his children, and those to their grandchildren. Children's memory is phenomenal.

Step 3

Rent costumes and talk with the free day parents of your child's classmates about whether they would agree to fall into childhood for a couple of hours and amuse their children? If there are no volunteers, then invite a clown or find professional animators working on children's parties. Everything that children adore is good, everything that is not boring, but not too violent, so that later the celebrating kids can be pacified. In warm weather, the active part of the celebration can be moved outside.

Step 4

Think over everything to the smallest detail - decorating the hall with balls, gifts for children who will read poetry, sing songs, guess riddles and entertain themselves and the birthday boy in every possible way. No one should leave the holiday offended, everything should be enough for everyone. Buy treats for the kids, preferably light ones so that they don't ruin their appetite. Prepare an outfit for the hero of the occasion, because he is waiting for close attention and sincere children's admiration, as well as lenses of photo and video cameras, after all, you will capture the holiday and happy children's faces.

Step 5

Do not forget to help the employees of the institution put the place of the event in order after the holiday in the kindergarten. Thank them for their understanding, help and participation in the event with something the kindergarten needs or just nice signs of attention. If it is appropriate and you have time for this, arrange a separate tea party for them, sit all together - mothers, fathers and educators. Well, this is how it will turn out: in some kindergartens, the rules are very strict, but somewhere it is quite possible and even encouraged.

Step 6

Be at this holiday like children. Have fun, admire, be moved, play. The burning eyes of your son or daughter and their friends will be your best reward for doing everything right!

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