What To Do With A Six-year-old Girl At Home

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What To Do With A Six-year-old Girl At Home
What To Do With A Six-year-old Girl At Home

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It can be difficult to keep six-year-olds busy with something. In fact, you can find hobbies for them. Girls love to play with dolls, embroider, paint and do other interesting things.

What to do with a six-year-old girl at home
What to do with a six-year-old girl at home


Give the girl a piece of paper, crayons or paints. At this age, children are very fond of drawing. Be involved - invite your child to keep him company. Ask him what he would like to draw.

Games with friends

Let the girl bring her friends home. Play educational and entertaining games with them. To do this, draw up a scenario in advance, according to which further events will develop. You can entertain the kids with a board game.

Jigsaw puzzles

Buy jigsaw puzzles. The girl will definitely appreciate the products with the image of her favorite hero, animals, etc. Start by putting together a small drawing, then a large one. Help your child - it will be more fun. At the same time, you will show how to correctly assemble jigsaw puzzles.

Computer games: harm or benefit?

Invite the girl to play a little computer game. Just remember that the child should sit at the monitor for no more than half an hour. There is a stereotype that all these games are bad. But scientists have long proved that children who spend their free time at the computer have a high IQ, they have a developed reaction and good memory. True, there is a huge disadvantage here - dependence on games. Your task is to prevent this from happening. Consider the computer as one way to keep the girl busy for a very short time.


Invite your child to assemble a construction set. There are now a variety of girls' LEGOs on sale. Choose the appropriate option for your baby and present it to her. A construction set is a great thing for developing a child's thinking and attention.

Educational games

Rebus, crosswords, scanwords, riddles - another way to keep a six-year-old girl busy. Sit back on the bed or sofa with your child and start solving. This will make the environment more friendly and show your little one that you want to have fun with her.


At the age of six, girls really enjoy playing with dolls. Buy a house for Barbie, all kinds of accessories, household appliances, clothes. So the baby will be able to imitate you, combing the doll, feeding it, dressing it, ironing things with a baby iron, etc. Just imagine how the girl will like such an exciting activity.

DIY kits

In shops you can find various embroidery and sewing kits for children. Surely the girl will like this lesson. Only she should do this under your personal supervision, otherwise the child may accidentally inject. You can also show your future hostess how to crochet correctly. She will definitely need these skills in later life.

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