How To Learn To Do Magic Tricks For Children

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How To Learn To Do Magic Tricks For Children
How To Learn To Do Magic Tricks For Children

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Wizards, as you know, are found not only in fantasies, but also with those who believe in them. And to become a recognized magician among the local kids, you don't have to study at Hogwarts - you just need to master a couple of simple tricks.

How to learn to do magic tricks for children
How to learn to do magic tricks for children

It is necessary

  • - soda
  • - vinegar
  • - water
  • - red cabbage
  • - tea spoon
  • - sweet tea
  • - chewing sweets "Mentos"
  • - Coca Cola
  • - sparkling water
  • - button


Step 1

Tricks attract children with the opportunity to find themselves in a kind of fantasy world, where things behave in very unexpected ways. There are many simple yet impressive tricks for kids that are based on the laws of physics and chemistry. Such tricks are of great heuristic value, since children, showing them, not only become familiar with the secret, but also in a playful manner get acquainted with physical laws and chemical reactions.

Step 2

For example, a focus when a liquid changes color. Take three tall glasses. Pour clean water into the first, water with vinegar added into the second, and soda solution into the third. Take a jar of purple liquid and pour a little into each glass. The water will change color. In the first glass it will turn red, in the second it will turn green, and in the third it will turn purple as in the vessel. The secret of the focus lies in the peculiarities of the purple liquid - a decoction of red cabbage leaves. To prepare it, boil cabbage leaves in water and leave until morning. This broth will act as an indicator. In an acidic environment - in a glass of vinegar, the purple liquid will turn red, in an alkaline - soda solution - green, and, accordingly, in the third glass, with ordinary water, the broth will remain by itself.

Step 3

Some more fun tricks. The first is a spoon on the nose. Pour tea into a mug, sweeten it, and then take out a teaspoon and place it on your nose, press on it so that it stays glued. The secret of the trick is that the spoon really sticks - thanks to the sugar that remains on it while stirring. The second trick is the Coca-Cola fountain. For it you will need this popular drink and Mentos gummies. Put the candy in the bottle and move away. A chemical reaction will take place, causing a fountain of foam to burst out of the bottle of drink. For obvious reasons, this trick is best demonstrated outdoors.

Step 4

Try to surprise the kids with the Obedient Button trick. To do this, take a glass of soda water, dip a button into it. She will drown first. Tell her: "Button, up" - she will rise to the surface of the water. After a while, give the command: "Button, down" - and it will obediently sink to the bottom. The secret of the trick: bubbles of carbon dioxide collect around the button at the bottom of the glass, which lift it up, and you just need to say the sacramental phrase in time. Then the bubbles will begin to disappear - and the button will drop down again. This will continue until all the carbon dioxide has evaporated.

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