Where To Go With A Child In Chelyabinsk

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Where To Go With A Child In Chelyabinsk
Where To Go With A Child In Chelyabinsk

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Chelyabinsk is a millionaire city. Here live not only hard workers of numerous steel industries, but also more than just creative people who themselves have fun and have something to offer to others. Including children.

Where to go with a child in Chelyabinsk
Where to go with a child in Chelyabinsk


Step 1

A place for a relaxing family vacation in nature is the park im. Gagarin. This place is loved by the townspeople: a pond with lilies blooming in August, park areas, paths, simple gazebos.

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Take a walk along the streets of this city. Here you will be delighted with the beauties of the famous Kirovka Street, on it there are many cast sculptures, which cannot always be distinguished at first glance from a passer-by reading a newspaper on a bench, or a grandmother leaning against a post. Children are amused by a monument to a professional beggar. In winter, this street is wonderful and magical, the color is reminiscent of a fairy tale.


Step 3

On Oktyabrskaya Street you can visit the local exhibition hall "Aquarium". It was built in the last century and was famous for its rich collection of reptiles, it was difficult to survive the times of reforms, and therefore some of the inhabitants did not survive. However, kids are interested in looking at the big fish and touching some of them in the large outdoor pool.

Step 4

Walk to the Krasny Kommunar steam locomotive known to every Chelyabinsk citizen. The wise Urals did not send part of the historical past for scrap, but restored and made a monument. The locomotive is red, bright, very memorable.

Step 5

Teenagers will surely enjoy the Contemporary Dance Theater. Expressive dance compositions, plasticity and grace, a moderate dose of eroticism.

Step 6

Theater of Contemporary Art "Mannequin" is popular in the city. Peculiar - sometimes controversial - performances, a lot of emotions and always a pleasant feeling from contact with living art. If your children are over 7-10 years old, visiting this place will be a good pastime.

Step 7

The abundance of shopping and entertainment complexes can satisfy all family members at the same time. "Rainbow" on the street Rossiyskaya, Gorki on Artilleriyskaya, Focus on Moldavskaya or Fiesta on Molodogvardeyskaya offer not only good shopping, but also attractions, cinemas, children's play areas and entire parks with interactive games. Do not be surprised if you also want to play gambling games for children on modern equipment.

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