How To Write A Testimonial To Guardians

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How To Write A Testimonial To Guardians
How To Write A Testimonial To Guardians
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Characteristics of guardians may be needed in the committee for social protection of the population, the department for juvenile affairs and protection of their rights and in other organizations. Most often it is written by the child's educator or the head of the guardian himself. They may be asked to write such a description and the head of the house. There is no rigid form for this document, it is drawn up in the same way as any other characteristic, but it is necessary to pay attention to a number of points.

The characteristic can be written by the head of the guardian
The characteristic can be written by the head of the guardian

Characteristics from the teacher

In the characterization of guardians, the greatest attention should be paid to how they relate to the child. Write down since what time the ward has attended your class or group. Tell us if he experienced difficulties during adaptation, how he looks, whether he has developed cultural and hygienic skills. Note the level of development of the child, his communication skills, relationships with adults and with other children. Tell us how willingly the guardians are to contact teachers, whether they are interested in the child's successes and failures.

Even the ideal child has negative moments in life. Describe how the caregivers relate to these issues, whether they are correcting the child's behavior, and if so, in what way. Note how friendly they are to the caregiver and other children. The characteristic is drawn up as follows. Above, write the name of the document, just below - for whom this document was drawn up, that is, "for Ivanova Maria Ivanovna, guardian of Sergeev Petit." Next, type the text you have compiled. Put the date, signature and its decryption under it. You can indicate what the characteristic is for.

Characteristic from the boss

As in the previous case, you need to pay special attention to the attitude of the guardian towards the child. But as a teacher and educator, you most likely do not know this child. Therefore, tell us about the spiritual and professional qualities of the person for whom you are writing a characterization. Indicate from what moment you know him, how he has established himself at work, what are his relationships with other team members, whether he differs in the qualities necessary for raising a child - responsibility, kindness, a desire to understand other people, how conflict he is, is he inclined to bad habits. Issue the characteristic in the same way as in the previous case.

Characteristic from the chairman of the council of the house

The chairman of the council of the house or the senior at the entrance can also be asked to describe the guardians. In this case, you are unlikely to be well aware of the professional qualities of the guardians, but you see their attitude towards the child, you know approximately the situation in the family. Write about this.

Tell us from what moment the family lives in your house, whether you went into their apartment and what impression you got. Describe the situations in which you saw the child - whether he is always supervised, whether he is neatly dressed, does he have toys and books, whether he has good relations with other children in the yard. Be sure to note if the family environment is calm.

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