How To Give "Regidron" To Children

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How To Give "Regidron" To Children
How To Give "Regidron" To Children

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"Rehydron" is used as part of complex therapy to restore water-electrolyte balance and combat adidosis. It is administered for acute diarrhea, with heatstroke and for the prevention of electrolyte deficiency during thermal and physical exertion, accompanied by increased sweating.

How to give
How to give


Step 1

Give "Rehydron" to newborns and children under 12 months of age with mild diarrhea, 1 teaspoonful for 6 hours, with an interval of 10 minutes. Calculate the total amount of the drug injected based on the child's body weight. Use 40-50 ml per kg of baby's weight per day. In case of diarrhea of ​​moderate severity, use "Rehydron" in a daily amount of 80-100 ml per kg of body weight, increase a single intake to 2 teaspoons. Maintain this daily dose until the diarrhea stops completely, but no more than four days.

Step 2

If diarrhea is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, enter "Regidron" through a nasogastric tube. This method of administration is carried out under the supervision of a physician. After each vomiting attack, inject additionally the drug in the amount of 10 ml per kg of body weight. Do not interrupt your baby's feeding or breastfeeding. Feed your baby as usual immediately after rehydration.

Step 3

If the child has seizures or other symptoms of water-electrolyte metabolism disorders associated with overheating and dehydration, such as thirst and polyuria, give him the drug fractionally, in portions of 100-150 ml for half an hour. Bring the total amount to a minimum of 500 ml. Then repeat this regimen every 40 minutes until the symptoms of overheating and electrolyte deficiency are completely eliminated.

Step 4

With increased heat and physical exertion, to prevent violations of water and electrolyte metabolism, start giving the child "Regidron" in small sips, until the thirst is completely quenched.

Step 5

When treating with "Regidron", keep in mind that the restoration of water-electrolyte balance with the help of this drug is carried out only if the child's body weight deficit associated with fluid loss does not exceed 9%. In other cases, rehydration begins with the introduction of intravenous drugs, "Rehydron" is used after the elimination of acute loss of body weight as maintenance therapy.

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