How To Name A Kindergarten

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How To Name A Kindergarten
How To Name A Kindergarten

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There are more and more kindergartens. Along with municipal institutions, private and home mini-kindergartens are being opened. Of course, each owner considers his establishment to be the best. So that future visitors will also understand this, think of an original and cute name for your kindergarten.

How to name a kindergarten
How to name a kindergarten

It is necessary

  • - city directory;
  • - Internet access.


Step 1

Conduct marketing research. Take a directory or go to the city electronic database of enterprises and institutions. Find the section "Kindergartens" and carefully study the list of names. Most likely, the same words will be repeated many times. If you are looking at one of them as a potential name for your own institution, give up this thought.

Step 2

Get creative. There is no need to create another "Spring" or "Sun". Come up with something of your own, original. It is desirable that the chosen word is associated with your garden. For example, a small home garden can be called "A friendly family" - this will hint to parents that your children will have a cozy, almost family atmosphere.

Step 3

Do not overuse petting suffixes. "Baby", "Umnichka" or "Simpampulka" will not touch every parent. But home words "Bunny" or "Kitten" will be appreciated not only by adults, but also by kids - these are familiar and understandable words that many of them call at home.

Step 4

Think about associations. It is hardly worth calling your institution "Kindergarten" Good "or" Children's Center "Uyutny" - such signs are more common to see above the doors of small shops. Names like “Umnichka” are more appropriate for early childhood school, while “Dolphin” is associated with a swimming pool.

Step 5

Be careful with patented names like "Smeshariki" or "Masha and the Bear", especially if you want to depict the corresponding characters on the sign. Nobody canceled copyright infringement - you can be prosecuted for using someone else's trademark.

Step 6

If you are planning to create a mini-garden network, think about a name that can be associated with an address. For example, you can open sites called "Small Island on the Sea" and "Small Island on Nikitin". Such names are easy to remember and quickly become a recognizable brand. Do not forget to register it, otherwise you will soon find that your successful family is replenished with unknown strangers. Protect your good name and reputation!

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