How To Raise Hemoglobin In Babies

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How To Raise Hemoglobin In Babies
How To Raise Hemoglobin In Babies

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Hemoglobin is a protein that transports oxygen from the lungs to other organs and tissues and vice versa. If its level decreases, then the ability to carry oxygen in the blood is reduced, anemia occurs, and its consequence is an insufficient supply of oxygen to the body. Almost all mothers heard about hemoglobin, someone personally faced the problem of its decrease, someone heard about it from friends and acquaintances.

How to raise hemoglobin in babies
How to raise hemoglobin in babies


Step 1

A hemoglobin level of more than 110 g / l is considered normal for a baby. If the analysis showed 100-110, then a mild degree of anemia is noted. In this case, it is necessary to correct the mother's diet if the baby is breastfed, or replace the milk formula if the child is an artificial.

Step 2

When the hemoglobin level is below 100 g / l, then, as a rule, special treatment is prescribed, as well as additional tests indicating the origin of anemia.

Step 3

A slight decrease in hemoglobin can be corrected without the use of drugs. To do this, a baby up to 6 months must be breastfed, because the absorption of iron from human milk is almost 50%, for comparison from meat, the richest iron product, about 25%.

Step 4

If the baby receives complementary foods, then you need to take into account that vitamin C, malic, lactic acids contained in fermented milk products, fruits and vegetables contribute to the most effective absorption of iron. You should not load the baby's still fragile body with animal protein. Even small portions of meat complementary foods in combination with these products contribute to the normalization of hemoglobin levels.

Step 5

Significantly reduces the indicators of the baby's consumption of whole cow's milk, which damages the immature intestinal mucosa, as a result of which the iron is washed out of the body. Tea and coffee, including those consumed by a nursing woman, also helps to reduce hemoglobin.

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