How To Educate Without Punishment

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How To Educate Without Punishment
How To Educate Without Punishment

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Parents raise their children differently. Someone considers rigor and obedience to be correct, someone, remembering their unhappy childhood, gives their child a lot of freedom. There are pros and cons to any approach. But the most important thing in relation to children is education without punishment.

How to educate without punishment
How to educate without punishment


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Parents who punish their child every now and then harm him not only because they intimidate him. This fear gives rise to childish lies, self-doubt, brings up cruelty in the little man. Instead of the expected remorse and understanding of your actions, you evoke feelings of resentment, anger and irritation in him. Do not excuse yourself by thinking that you were punished, beaten in childhood, and nothing terrible happened to you. Impose a complete ban on physical punishment of any kind in the family.

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There are times when the nerves of tired and irritated parents after a working day just give up. And bothering yourself with finding an alternative, having lost control of yourself, is quite difficult. However, even your bad mood should not reflect on your child. If you suddenly hit your baby, be sure to apologize to him. It doesn't matter if he understands or not. Try to explain to your child what exactly upset you so much. It is better to postpone the proceedings when you feel that your nerves are at the limit. Calm down, have a cup of tea, go to another room, stamp your foot, and only then do the debriefing.

Step 3

As a rule, the style of raising children depends on the personal qualities of the parents. This means that you can change the way you communicate with your child. Remember that a lot of “no's” loses the importance of the prohibition itself. Give your baby more freedom. After all, you undoubtedly wish him well, you want him to grow up as a self-sufficient and independent person, to achieve success in life. Then reconsider your requirements, recognize the child's right to self-development and choice. Try to keep all inhibitions to a minimum. "No" - doing things that are dangerous to life and health, inflicting pain, mistreating objects. “Don't” is what you can do, but under certain conditions. For example, shout loudly, run, jump, etc.

Step 4

By virtue of nature, children cannot sit quietly for a long time, they need to move, explore everything around. For a too noisy toddler, try to take a break. Invite him to sit on a chair and think. So that he does not get bored, turn on calm music or give a book. Believe me, the strict, serious voice of a dad or mom can act much more impressive than a punishment or a spanking. When reading fairy tales and other works of children's literature to your child, discuss with him the good and bad actions of the heroes, draw the child's attention to what disobedience can lead to.

Step 5

Try to react as calmly as possible to unwanted actions of children, if possible, do not notice them. Focus on good deeds, and be generous with praise. By doing this, you can reinforce positive behavior in your child's mind. Have a notebook or poster on the wall at home, in which you and your baby make notes every day. If he behaved approximately, draw a smiley with a smile or the sun, he committed an offense - a sad smiley or a cloud. If there are more funny pictures at the end of the week, reward the child. For bad behavior, you can limit him to watching cartoons or sweets. When children see the results of their actions, they learn to control them better.

Step 6

When a child grows up, goes to school, study and communication with peers come to the fore for him. During this period, the caring and attentive guidance of parents in these matters is very important for him.Take an active part in the life of your child, help him in the form of play, protection, support, jokes, confidential advice, demands. By helping a growing person navigate the complex system of human relationships, you strengthen your parental authority. The child realizes that the parents are responsible for him to society. He seeks to win your approval and respect, realizing that this responsibility implies not only help, but also the requirement to follow the rules.

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