Why Loneliness Is Good

Why Loneliness Is Good
Why Loneliness Is Good

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Romantic relationships between a man and a woman have long been the norm in society. Moreover, scientists have identified a number of useful aspects of such alliances. However, even in solitude, you can find a lot of pleasant and necessary things. Let's take a closer look.

Why loneliness is good
Why loneliness is good

Loners tend to be lighthearted and enjoy a variety of noisy social events. They are free in the choice of acquaintances, time and place of rest, and so on. At the same time, lonely people value family and friends, meet with them more often and participate in their lives. As a couple, a man and a woman depend on each other's needs. Most of their resources are dedicated to personal development. Much less attention is paid to the social.

Calculating a budget only for yourself can be much easier and more confident than for a family. That is why bachelors do not have loan delays, and "unforeseen expenses" are not affordable. Most married couples are burdened with the maintenance of children. Increased responsibility keeps them in constant tension, which leads to nervous breakdowns, hypertension and other problems.

Studies show that solitary sleep is deeper and more prolonged. And no wonder! After all, no one pulls off the blanket or snores under the ear. Perhaps that is why bachelors are often in a good mood, they have excellent memory and concentration. The only drawback here is the impossibility of hugging a loved one in a dream. But for a good rest, this is not always required.

In a pair, a man and a woman have to synchronize the day's schedule with each other. They cannot stay late at work at will, rush to a party in the middle of the week, or spend the night with friends. Loners in this regard are absolutely free. They have obligations only to themselves. And you can always come to an agreement with yourself.

Bachelors are responsible for themselves and their actions on their own. And suddenly the problems that have arisen, they also solve on their own. They do not have a person to support and support, apart from relatives. On the one hand, all this can be written down as the cons of loneliness. But if you think about it, then … It's a great "simulator" of life. It hardens, strengthens the spirit, develops the brain, self-confidence, increases resistance to stress.

Lonely people do not need to devote an hour or more every day to household chores such as cleaning, washing. They can use this time with benefit: for creative creation, self-development, sports, recreation, etc. Naturally, a different expenditure of energy occurs, the level of stress decreases, and the mood rises.

This item can be called relative. Because in an intimate life, quality is always in the first place, not quantity. In married couples, contacts happen, as a rule, less often, but this does not always diminish their beneficial effect on the emotional and physical state of partners. Singles have a regular sex life. But the quality is also questionable here.

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