Why Men Only Need Sex

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Why Men Only Need Sex
Why Men Only Need Sex

Video: Why Men Only Need Sex

Video: Why Men Only Need Sex
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Girls often think that men only need sex in a relationship. But, in fact, this is not always the case. Simply because of their physiological and psychological characteristics, representatives of the stronger sex need sex more than women.

Why men only need sex
Why men only need sex

Why does he need a lot of sex

The high need for sex and the desire to converge with different partners is inherent in a man by nature. From the point of view of biology, the goal of any creature is to leave behind many offspring. And, if possible, ensure its survival.

Since the days of the human herd, the bulk of childcare has been with mothers. And the first duty of a female is to conceive from the best "sire" who will pass on quality genes to the babies.

In men, nature has laid a completely different task - to fertilize as many females as possible. Of course, if females themselves and other competing males allow.

Since the transition of man from herd to society, the interaction of the sexes has changed dramatically. A pair family appeared, the value of permanent relationships was realized. Sex is no longer just an instrument of reproduction. Now it is both a manifestation of love, and a way of getting pleasure, and even a commodity.

Today, sexual relations have reached a level of freedom like never before. But several millennia of cultural development cannot cover millions of years of biological evolution. And most men (at least in their youth) continue to want a lot of sex and variety of partners.

What does a man want

What does a modern man expect from sex? Each has its own individual motives for engaging in sexual intercourse, but several general points can be distinguished.

  • Satisfaction. Everything is clear here: a physiological need requires its realization. And it’s an extremely enjoyable experience.
  • Confirmation of your masculinity. He wants to feel like a "real man", and for a woman to agree with this. Better yet, lots of women.
  • Self-affirmation. In this aspect, quantity is of paramount importance. If there is no shortage of sex and partners, this allows him to see himself "cool" in his own eyes. And also in the eyes of their comrades and competitors.
  • Creation. Yes, for many men, sex is a creative process. After all, this is a subtle skill - to "work" with a woman's body and bring it to ecstasy!
  • Search for new sensations.
  • Love. For men, sex is not only an integral part of love relationships, it is their basis. Even if he loves for a beautiful soul, not looks.

The other side of the coin

However, do not forget the banal truth: a man is also a man. And he has a need for warm emotional communication, love and support. If he finds this in a woman, then sex for him will not be the only important part of the relationship.

And if he doesn't find it? Then he will continue to search for his "real" beloved. And in parallel, he will enter into a temporary relationship for the sake of one sex. Do not deny yourself the pleasure!

Of course, there are those who allow themselves such adventures with a wife or constant girlfriend. At the same time, calling this "only" beloved. But not everyone behaves this way.

There are also those who, in principle, do not want a serious relationship. Such men avoid starting a family in order not to impose "extra" responsibility on themselves. There are many such personalities, but they are not the majority either.

Most often, if a man only needs sex in a relationship, then this is a reason for his girlfriend to think. It is possible that he does not want anything else in particular from her. But with another woman, he can behave very differently.

What's a girl to do

What if you do not feel anything but carnal attraction from your chosen one?

First, if you have not been close yet, then take your time with the onset of the "moment". First, start building a relationship: look at him as a person, prove yourself. And then you become lovers. If everything has already happened, then try to diversify the communication outside of bed.

Secondly, try to evaluate yourself from the outside. Are you not trying to win love yourself only by your external attractiveness and sexuality? Try to reveal your best human qualities, become a friend to him. To go to extremes and turn into a "mommy" is also not worth it. And then, perhaps, your chosen one will show himself in a different way.

Third, your man may have a very high sexual temperament. But he cannot live otherwise! Here it remains only to reconcile. Or break up.

Then, there may be psychological reasons for the increased interest in sex. For example, he wants to appear better than he is. Help him deal with the problem - or let go of practicing on others.

Finally, think: maybe you only need sex from this man? After all, it happens that she's not like in love, but it's cool with him. Then leave everything as it is and do not expect more on his part.

If you can't build a serious relationship, don't cling to it. Chances are, you're just not right for each other. Forget the phrase “all men are the same” (they are not!), Learn the lessons learned and move on.