How To Reciprocate A Man

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How To Reciprocate A Man
How To Reciprocate A Man

Video: How To Reciprocate A Man

Video: How To Reciprocate A Man
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Shyness and shyness sometimes prevent women and men from communicating with each other. If on the street a guy tried to talk to you, but did not pick up your phone, or after the first date a nice young man did not call you, perhaps your shyness and inability to demonstrate approval are to blame. How to make it clear to a man that you like him and reciprocate?

How to reciprocate a man
How to reciprocate a man


Step 1

Smile at the man. This is a sure sign that you like him. Young people are insecure creatures, before approaching a girl, they will doubt whether they can interest her. If you like the guy's jokes, laugh. Men believe that if they managed to make a girl laugh, then they are already halfway to success in the fact that the lady will appreciate them.

Step 2

Flirt. This will not only add drive to the nascent relationship, but also bring pleasure to both parties. Flirting allows you to attract the attention of a young person or support a courtship. From time to time, hold your gaze on the man, look at him longer than usual. After that, smiling, look away, intriguing him. If you want, lightly touch the man. This will show that you are good with him.

Step 3

Ask questions and listen to the answers. In this way, you show your interest in the young man.

Step 4

Admire the man and be amazed at what he says. The guy will be pleased that he was appreciated, and he wants to meet you again.

Step 5

Compliment. A man will feel like a welcome and interesting conversationalist. Do it sincerely. Any person has something to praise for, especially if you like him. Use indirect compliments. Admire his car, dog, position.

Step 6

When talking with a man about a topic, promise: "I will tell you about it next time." This will make it clear to the young man that you want to meet him again.

Step 7

Tell your man how you enjoy spending your free time. Hint to him that he can keep you company.

Step 8

Make a small gift. It can be anything, even a beautiful autumn leaf. The fact itself and attention to his person are important here. Your efforts will definitely be rewarded.

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