How To Choose A Stroller For An Older Child

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How To Choose A Stroller For An Older Child
How To Choose A Stroller For An Older Child

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The choice of a stroller for an older child must be approached especially scrupulously, since not only comfort on a walk depends on this, but also the safety of the baby and his mother.

How to choose a stroller for an older child
How to choose a stroller for an older child


  • - overview materials on the types of prams;
  • - advertising brochures of manufacturers of baby carriages;
  • - consultations of the seller in the store.


Step 1

Find the best balance between price and quality. Experienced parents know that there is no perfect stroller. Some models are cute, but very expensive, others are comfortable, but unattractive, others are comfortable for a child, but it is difficult for a mother to lift and carry them. Each stroller has its own design features that allow you to find an acceptable compromise between price, quality and availability of additional options.

Step 2

Formulate the basic requirements that a stroller must meet for an older child. Obviously, for children who have learned to sit well, a regular stroller is no longer enough. Since the baby has become mobile and active, he no longer sleeps while walking, but is keenly interested in what is happening around him. So the time has passed to transplant the child into a stroller. Today you can find a variety of models of strollers for walks, each of which has its own merits. Decide what is more important for you: compact size, increased cross-country ability, original appearance or low price.

Step 3

Choose the right model of the stroller. Many parents prefer a cane stroller. It folds easily and takes up little space when folded. In addition, it is very lightweight, manoeuvrable and inexpensive. The disadvantages of the cane stroller are the uncomfortable soft seat, in which some children simply refuse to sit, and small wheels, so you can only walk with it on sidewalks with good coverage. The transforming stroller is more convenient. If you spread it out, then the child can not only sit in it, but also lie down. You can detach all unnecessary parts from the model and reduce its weight as much as possible, or attach the hood or luggage basket you need at the moment. In addition, the handle of the transforming stroller can be swung from one side to the other. An older child can be seated facing you, or you can give him the opportunity to look at the surrounding area.

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