Pregnancy: How Long Does Toxicosis Begin?

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Pregnancy: How Long Does Toxicosis Begin?
Pregnancy: How Long Does Toxicosis Begin?
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Toxicosis is a common occurrence during pregnancy. Sometimes it is he who helps to recognize pregnancy at the earliest possible date, because in some cases, from the fourth week, the expectant mother may experience constant weakness, nausea and even bouts of vomiting.


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Signs of toxicosis include loss of appetite, lethargy, drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, increased salivation, a sharp change in taste preferences, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, increased sensitivity to certain odors. If a pregnant woman has at least some of these signs, alas, she is susceptible to toxicosis.

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Early toxicosis most often manifests itself in the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy, in some cases a little later, while it usually disappears completely by the sixteenth week. In some women, it can occur from the very first days of the delay, and in some cases even earlier. Late toxicosis can occur in the second and in some cases even the third trimester.

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Doctors explain the appearance of toxicosis mainly by two reasons. The first is hormonal changes. After the fertilized egg enters the uterus, what is commonly called the implantation of the ovum occurs. Due to the vital activity of the embryo, chorionic gonadotropin, a glycoprotein (hCG), appears in the woman's blood. In addition, in the body of pregnant women, the level of estrogen and progesterone increases dramatically. By the tenth week, the level of these hormones, including hCG, reaches its maximum. The body most often reacts to such a release of hormones with toxicosis. It is impossible to name exactly the time or day when it begins, since the course of pregnancy is individual in each case.

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The second cause of toxicosis is most often an emotional state, which can also affect hormonal levels. Toxicosis can occur if the pregnancy is unplanned or if a pregnant woman has health concerns or even further fate. If a woman has had problems with conception or miscarriages, worries about preserving the fetus and successfully carrying it, various fears can contribute to the development of toxicosis.

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Any stress, feeling of fear, anxiety, increased excitability cause the growth of "stress hormones", which leads to a general hormonal change, to which the body can react with the appearance of toxicosis. That is why it is very important for pregnant women to remain calm, mentally tune themselves to the successful completion of pregnancy and a quick birth, all this lowers the level of stress hormones and quite often relieves toxicosis.

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