What Is The Character Of Sanguine People

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What Is The Character Of Sanguine People
What Is The Character Of Sanguine People
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A sanguine person is a representative of one of the subtypes of temperament, characterized by emotional stability, as well as extraversion of character in terms of communication skills.

What is the character of sanguine people
What is the character of sanguine people


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Look at the character of the sanguine person. If a person has this type of temperament, then you will definitely see that he is most often in a good mood. Such a positive attitude provides him with emotional stability on one scale and character extroversion on another. Extroversion affects mainly in the sense that it allows others to observe the inner optimism of a sanguine person.

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Pay attention to the behavior of the sanguine person when he is among a large number of people. This person will never get lost in a crowd, even if it is a crowd of strangers. The extraversion of character is also manifested in the fact that a sanguine person not only feels comfortable among a large number of people, but also tries to get closer to everyone, tries to make more acquaintances, get to know each person, make him his friend. You will never see a sanguine person alone at any party, he always communicates with someone, shares, gets closer.

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Notice how a sanguine person behaves in a stressful or conflict situation. The temperament of a sanguine person allows him to either avoid a conflict situation, or be able to smooth corners beautifully, skillfully getting out of the situation. It is easier for a sanguine person to apologize than to engage in a heated argument that can lead to conflict. However, this does not mean that a sanguine person is not able to enter into an argument, to parry. After all, a person's temperament has nothing to do with his mental abilities, interests. A sanguine person will gladly enter into an interesting conversation, however, while a melancholic after an argument, having lost in it, for example, will become sad, a sanguine person will not even notice any tragedy.

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Consider, however, that a sanguine person will almost never become a close friend to you, if you yourself are not the same sanguine person. The fact is that a sanguine person does not need a deep close friendship. He moves from communicating with one acquaintance to another, treating each of them well, but not getting attached to anyone. This is not to say that if you are an introvert and need one single soul mate, then you shouldn't look for one among the sanguine people. You just need to be prepared for the fact that the extroverted trait of people with this temperament will not allow them to be limited only to you. Thus, you will have to share your sanguine friend with other people, because his sociability is one of the main traits of his character.

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