Hairstyles For Girls For Every Day To School And On The Street

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Hairstyles For Girls For Every Day To School And On The Street
Hairstyles For Girls For Every Day To School And On The Street

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Long hair is beautiful. There are a variety of hairstyles that can help accentuate this and look well-groomed. Hair is easy to style beautifully, taking pigtails or ponytails as a basis.

Hairstyles for girls for every day
Hairstyles for girls for every day

What is needed to create children's hairstyles

Before you start making a girl's hairstyle for every day, stock up on everything you need, you should have at hand:

- massage brush;

- plastic comb with fine teeth and a long tail;

- rubber bands - dark or colored (depending on the age of the child);

- hairpins.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Hair at school should be tidy, not interfere with the child's work. "Ponytail" is ideal in this regard, if you are fed up with it, diversify it. Stand behind the young fashionista, comb the hair well with a brush. With the long end of the comb, make 2 partings, leading it from the bangs to the crown of the head on the right and left sides. Intercept this strand with an elastic band. While the hairstyle is similar to "Malvina.

Now make 2 partings from the temporal part, which are parallel to the one you just created. Fix this strand at the top with an elastic band. Now gather the remaining hair and two ponytails at the level of the neck into one. Also secure with an elastic band. If the girl is small, multi-colored ones will look beautiful; for an older child, choose dark or solid colors to match the hair color.

With such a hairstyle at school, on the street, the girl will feel comfortable. The styling will not be tousled during the day, in physical education classes, as it is securely fixed in three places with an elastic band.

You can diversify this type of styling. To do this, after the first tail is made, weave several turns of the braid in the opposite direction at its top. Do the same with the second. When you have gathered all your hair, braid the braid almost to the end, fix it at the bottom with an elastic band. The next hairstyle also involves braiding.

Adorable braids

Part the baby's hair with a parting, running from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the neck. Take care of laying down the left side of your head. Divide your hair into 3 sections on this side. Take a tape 2 cm wide, pass it from the left ear back to the right. The same amount of this braid should hang from the parting in both directions.

Start from three strands on the left to weave a regular pigtail, immediately attaching the ribbon to the middle strand. Secure the plexus at the bottom with an elastic band. Do the same with the hair on the right side of the head. Raise both braids over your head, twist them, tuck the tip of the braids under the bottom of the hair. Secure with invisible pins or hairpins. Tie a bow from the rest of the ribbon at the top. You can diversify this girly hairstyle for every day by securing both braids to the side and tying a bow here.

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