Fostering Adequate Self-esteem In A Child

Fostering Adequate Self-esteem In A Child
Fostering Adequate Self-esteem In A Child

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Raising a child is a difficult process, because parents put all their love and all their knowledge, share what they can. Self-esteem will be one of the most important and decisive qualities in the future. Overestimated or underestimated, will give the child a lot of problems and misunderstandings from others in life, the golden mean is important. Many parents deliberately raise their child's self-esteem without thinking about how he will live next.

Fostering adequate self-esteem in a child
Fostering adequate self-esteem in a child

What is self-esteem? The answer is in the name, self-esteem is the ability of an individual to evaluate himself. Its formation is laid from childhood, all the people around who are in contact with the child, drop by drop, contribute. From birth, a child does not have such a concept, and it is formed thanks to adults.

Low self-esteem is formed in those children, in whose address you can hear constant reproaches and unpleasant words, very often they are taken as an example of neighboring children. Any, even the most insignificant, corporal punishment is badly reflected. With such an attitude, the child develops fear and self-doubt, if the most important people in the world for him - the parents - are dissatisfied with him, then the opinion of those around him seems similar. The child forms his own opinion about himself, if I am offended, then I am bad, not worthy of love.

Inflated self-esteem is formed in children who are constantly praised with and without reason. Any misconduct of the child is justified, broke the toy - it is not of high quality, received a bad grade - the teacher underestimated.

In this situation, the opinion of himself is too good, the child thinks that he can do everything and does everything right. In this situation, it is important for parents to understand that in the event of any failure, the child will look for the guilty ones, even if he is the only one to blame.

Society, kindergarten, school also help to form self-esteem. The attitude of teachers and educators is very important, sometimes they, choosing their favorites, offend other children, hurting their self-esteem. The main place of formation is still the family, even if the child did not find support at school, he must find it at home.

Try to be the first friends and helpers, if necessary, sit down and talk, explain what the child is wrong about and how it was worth doing. You can give examples from life about yourself or those people who are familiar to the child.

Teach your child to accept criticism with dignity, assessing its adequacy, this also applies to various achievements. It is important that the child looks at everything realistically.

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