What To Do With A Child At Home In Quarantine Or Self-isolation

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What To Do With A Child At Home In Quarantine Or Self-isolation
What To Do With A Child At Home In Quarantine Or Self-isolation

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Most parents like to stay at home with their little ones. Together you can draw, play, read. But what if all the activities have already been tried, and you cannot leave the house? What can you do with a child at home in quarantine or in self-isolation, so that everyone is happy: both children and parents?

What to do with a child on self-isolation
What to do with a child on self-isolation

The main thing is not to panic

If you have a long period that needs to be spent with your child at home, be patient, you will definitely need it. Inevitably, there will come a day (or hour) when fantasy runs out. Adults are simply physically incapable of being a "perpetual motion machine" and an inventor, such as most kids, so they get annoyed, not getting a portion of rest and peace. Children, on the other hand, get angry when they are endlessly urged to calm down. The only way out in conditions of forced self-isolation is to find a compromise.

Gadgets are not an option

Do not try to distract your child with computer games. Yes, they provide parents with peace for a short time, but then the opposite effect occurs. An overexcited child requires high physical activity and attention, gets tired and irritated quickly. Let the children watch cartoons or play computer games in doses, no more than an hour a day. By doing this, you minimize the irritability of both the younger family members and their parents.

Use the tools at hand

If you ask a child what you can play with, the answer will be obvious - with everything in the world! And it is true. Try to see the world through the eyes of a toddler. This adult pillow and blanket are just bedding accessories. For a child, you can build a wonderful home from them by covering two chairs with a blanket and putting a pillow on the floor. And you can do whatever you want inside such a house! The secret is that children simply won't let adults into their own fairytale castle, and parents can finally go about their business.

Offer your child old paper or newspapers and glue. Let the kid tear the paper into small pieces, roll up the colored balls and stick them on the previously drawn outline. Preschoolers will cope with such a task themselves, without distracting adults. Perhaps later, parents will have to scrub the glue from the floor, but, you see, the free time to work from home or relax is worth it.

Option for younger preschoolers. Apply strips of colored tape to any surface that will rub off well. Suggest that the baby first tear off these strips, and then stick on new ones. This activity not only helps to while away the time in quarantine, but also develops fine motor skills of the hands well. For older children, you can find an old board, attach sheets of paper to it, and, behold, the art workshop is open!

Quarantine or self-isolation is not as bad as it might seem. Most importantly, don't push your child away with their ideas, no matter how strange they seem to you. Playing together, drawing, reading, playing sports will help you bond and understand each other better.

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