How A Husband Treats A Pregnant Wife

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How A Husband Treats A Pregnant Wife
How A Husband Treats A Pregnant Wife

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Pregnancy is a difficult test not only for a woman preparing to become a mother, but also for her spouse. Many husbands, even loving, considerate and caring ones, complain that their pregnant wives have become simply unbearable! Constant mood swings, scandals, crying. She herself does not know what she wants, she pulled her husband. Wives, accordingly, express a bunch of complaints to their husbands.

How a husband treats a pregnant wife
How a husband treats a pregnant wife


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Every husband of a pregnant woman should know and understand: a very strong hormonal "shake-up" is now taking place in the body of his beloved. It is because of this that the wife's mood swings, scandals, and tears occur. The woman is not to blame for this. To reproach her for hysteria, for selfishness is the same as reproaching a nursing baby who cries and interferes with parents' sleep.

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Some husbands resort to such arguments: “But she, when she was pregnant, did not behave like that! Why is it that a demon has possessed my wife! " Yes, indeed, there are women who quite easily tolerate an interesting position, including that very hormonal shake-up. But this is still the exception, not the rule. So rejoice for the husbands of those women, and treat your own spouse with understanding. In the end, she became like this because she is carrying your baby!

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Tolerance, sympathy, help - this is what is now required from the husband of a pregnant woman. He must show both intelligence and generosity. The wife is bad, which means that she needs to be helped and supported, and not reproached and re-educated. Moreover, an attempt at re-education with a 99% probability will only lead to even stronger tears and reproaches.

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Often there are cases when pregnant women literally do not let their husbands go. They want their beloved man to always be there. In this case, no matter how much the husband loves fishing, mushroom hunting, working in the country and other types of outdoor activities, as well as meeting friends, it is better for him to meet his wife halfway. And, of course, do not grumble, do not accuse her of selfishness! Instead, she needs to repeat more often that he is there, that she has nothing to fear, that everything will be fine.

Step 5

The husband needs to take all possible measures so that the pregnant woman is not exposed to unnecessary stress, especially the risk, and also receive sufficient and varied nutrition. After all, the expectant mother now literally has to "eat for two!" Take on at least some of the household chores, see off and meet your wife from work.

Step 6

Well, if the vagaries and mood swings of the pregnant woman have become completely unbearable, the husband can only console himself with the thought that pregnancy is not forever. Returning from the hospital with a squeaking bundle in her arms, the wife will become the same as before.

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