How To Have An Unforgettable Date

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How To Have An Unforgettable Date
How To Have An Unforgettable Date

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Most dates are similar: going to the cinema, sitting out in a cafe, or walking in the park. Here are some tips for those looking to surprise their loved one and make their date fun and memorable.

How to have an unforgettable date
How to have an unforgettable date


Step 1

During the warmer months, the reservoir is an ideal place for a romantic date. Rent a pleasure boat and don't forget to bring some food with you. If you love speed, then hire a speedboat. Bright sun, water spray, wind in your hair and a wonderful view around - what could be better for an unusual and memorable date.

Step 2

If you and your loved one love an active lifestyle, then book some private mountaineering lessons for the two of you in advance. Under the strict guidance of an experienced instructor, you will master the heights and get new emotions. Ride together on rollerblades or, renting bicycles, go out of town for a picnic, as long as the weather doesn't let you down.

Step 3

Make an appointment with your loved one in the sky. Book a hot air balloon flight. Stunning emotions from contemplating the views from a bird's eye view are guaranteed to you. You will not be left indifferent by the sunset in the sky, and you will remember this date for a long time.

Step 4

Have a winter in the middle of a hot summer - go to the skating rink. A few hours of ice skating will give you a boost of vivacity and good mood, and then go to the nearest cafe to warm up and have a snack.

Step 5

Make an agreement with the photographer and give your other half a professional photo session. Shooting can be organized at home, in the studio, in nature, or in any other place that seems to you to be especially successful for this. After such a date, both of you will have a few dozen professional photographs, if you wish, you can order a special photo book.

Step 6

Find a higher building where you can easily climb to the roof, and arrange a “high-rise date”. Bring there a blanket, thermos mulled wine and light snacks. You will have a wonderful time admiring the city at night. A rooftop date is an evening filled with beauty and romance. Everything is in your hands, a little imagination - and you can organize an original evening for two.

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