How To Remove Phlegm From Children

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How To Remove Phlegm From Children
How To Remove Phlegm From Children

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The most common disease in children, which is accompanied by sputum discharge, is bronchitis. When the bronchial mucosa becomes inflamed, edema forms, which, as it subsides, provokes the production of sputum. A cough accompanied by sputum discharge is called productive, or wet. There are many drugs and treatments available.

How to remove phlegm from children
How to remove phlegm from children


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The process of sputum discharge itself indicates that the child is on the mend. Since the sputum is very thick at first, it is difficult for the baby to cough it up. In order for the sputum to escape more easily, it is necessary to constantly humidify the air in the room where the sick child is, and also offer him plenty of drink. You can humidify the air using a special device - a humidifier. If not, then a damp diaper or towel should be hung on the batteries.

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Various herbal preparations contribute to the liquefaction and discharge of sputum, for example, decoctions of St. John's wort, coltsfoot, ivy, black radish juice with honey, tincture of marshmallow, licorice root. These medicines contain substances that increase the amount of phlegm, reduce its viscosity, and also cause the bronchi to contract for its rapid elimination. Folk remedies are more suitable for older children, since they increase the amount of sputum secreted, which can be difficult for babies to cope with.

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For small children, a chest massage is recommended for better mucus discharge. To do this, the baby lies on his stomach on the knees of an adult with his head slightly lowered. The parent should tap with the tips of his fingers between the shoulder blades of the child for several minutes from the bottom up. After this massage, it is necessary to induce a cough in the child by lightly pressing on the root of the tongue. For the greatest efficiency, this procedure should be done 3-4 times a day.

Step 4

They also cope well with sputum in children and traditional medicine. Many pediatricians recommend the drug "ACC" to young patients, which quickly thinns mucus and removes it from the bronchi, in addition, it helps to reduce inflammation. Modern drugs of this spectrum of action are "Lazolvan", "Ambrobene", "Ambrohexal". They have a more pronounced expectorant effect, and also help to increase local immunity.

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