How To Get Your Child To Listen

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How To Get Your Child To Listen
How To Get Your Child To Listen

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It is difficult to achieve obedience from a child, but nothing is impossible. To overcome this obstacle, you must first understand the cause of the bad behavior.

How to get your child to listen
How to get your child to listen


Step 1

Try to find the reason for the child's disobedience. Dealing with bad behavior is often difficult. In most cases, the disobedience of the child indicates that the behavior of the parents themselves is beyond what is permissible. Parents must coordinate their actions when raising a baby. It often happens that, for example, the father allows his child to do something, and the mother is against it and, seeing what the baby is doing, forbids him to do it. Inconsistency leads to contradiction. The child is lost and does not know who to listen to. That is why he continues to do what he wants, regardless of the prohibitions. In no case should this be allowed.

Step 2

Do not forbid your baby to do something that he has not done before. It so happens that my mother says, for example, that you cannot climb on the bookshelf. The child never even thought about this, but since his attention was drawn to this, a kind of reflex will work. One way or another, the kid will want to try to climb onto the forbidden shelf.

Step 3

Over time, the child begins to stop being afraid of the threat of punishment. This is due to the fact that parents often intimidate the baby. But when he is guilty, the punishment is not carried out, but remains only a threat. Feeling his impunity, the child interprets this gesture of "mercy" in his own way and continues to do whatever he pleases.

Step 4

Learn to control your emotions. If you have already promised that you will punish, you need to bring the matter to the end. Then the child will have a sense of responsibility for what he has done. Over time, the baby will determine the limits of what is permissible for himself and will begin to obey you.

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