How To Determine The Intelligence Of A Child

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How To Determine The Intelligence Of A Child
How To Determine The Intelligence Of A Child

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“Intellect” (translated from Latin intellectus - cognition, understanding) in a broad sense means the totality of all cognitive functions of a person: from perception and sensations to imagination and thinking. In a narrower sense, this is thinking. Checking the level of intellectual abilities is necessary already in childhood.

How to determine the intelligence of a child
How to determine the intelligence of a child

It is necessary

  • - test materials for the determination of intelligence in children;
  • - scale of interpretation of test results;
  • - the help of an experienced child psychologist.


Step 1

In order to quantify the intelligence and mental development of a child, you can use various tests specially designed to check the IQ in children.

Step 2

Apply the Children's Wexler Scale, which measures verbal and non-verbal skills and general intelligence. It is intended for testing people in the 6 to 16 age range. Identifying differences between IQs for non-verbal (non-verbal) and verbal (verbal) skills may indicate perceptual problems. Take this test with your child by going to the website at:

Step 3

Use the Stanford-Binet Test, which is for children over two years of age. It allows you to find out the IQ and mental age of the child. Since the test contains mainly verbal tasks, it will not work if your child has specific communication disorders (for example, autism) or insufficient development of verbal functions (due to some external factors). You can find questions and the scale of this test on the Internet, for example, at: To start the testing process, click the "Start Test" button. The site also has information on how to properly pass an IQ test, how to interpret the results obtained.

Step 4

The use of the Denver test to assess the level of intelligence of children allows you to assess such aspects of behavior as fine movements, general motor skills, personality and social skills, and speech. It can help to quickly determine the level of psychomotor development of preschool children. An example of such a test can be found on the website at:

Step 5

When testing a child, remember the basic rules for carrying out this procedure: the baby must be absolutely healthy, there must be a calm environment, nothing should distract him from the tasks offered. It is better if an experienced psychologist does this procedure, since he has a large stock of knowledge and skills in this area and after passing the test will be able to immediately suggest any methods for the development of psychological processes that have received the lowest score.

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