How To Make Your Child Obey

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How To Make Your Child Obey
How To Make Your Child Obey

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At all times, parents have faced the problem of child disobedience. For some, it causes grief, for others, bouts of aggression. Undoubtedly, when a child does not obey, it causes a lot of trouble for both loved ones and the baby himself. How to make your child obey and teach him to hear you?

The child does not obey
The child does not obey

Start the change with yourself

Imagine: you are given assignments by a boss who looks insecure and does not know what he needs. Or another one who can clearly formulate the task, describe the goals of its achievement and all the consequences. Who will you listen to? So it is with children. If you want your child to obey you, start changing yourself.

Correct manner of speaking

Pay attention to the tone in which you speak. If the main manner of your statements consists of screaming, the baby eventually ceases to understand the meaning of what was said. Your loud requests to stop or not to do something dangerous will just seem like a regular background noise to him.

Do not use long or florid phrases in your speech. The child is not able to understand what you want from him if you yourself cannot clearly and clearly formulate the request. Instead of a long story about a neighbor whose grand-nephew fell off the couch as a child, how he was taken to the hospital, and a bunch of unnecessary details, clearly say: "Get off the couch, it's dangerous."

Make eye contact for the child to obey

The peculiarity of the child's psyche is the ability to concentrate on performing only one task. If the child is busy playing, he may not pay attention to your polite, and after many repetitions and not very polite, requests. Walk up to the baby, squat down in front of him and, looking into his eyes, say what you need from him at the moment. So he will definitely hear you.

Stop saying no all the time

Some parents with increased anxiety pull the child all the time. In order for the child to obey you, stop using the "not" particle in speech all the time. For example, "Do not go into a puddle", "Do not trip over the threshold", "Do not turn around, otherwise you will fall." Over time, such a negation will be perceived as an ordinary addition to the text, which does not carry any semantic load. You will get a completely opposite effect: instead of saving your baby from possible problems, he will not pay any attention to your words.

Use a game instead of a commanding tone

To make the child obey, use the most accessible and correct way for his age - play. Instead of shouting to the entire store: “Shut up already! Let's go soon! " invite your toddler to play, for example, a crane operator. Let him help you put the shopping cart purchases onto the tape. This will distract the child from screaming and give you a few minutes of respite, during which you yourself can calm down.

Offer a choice

If the child is told all the time about what he should do and what he should not do in any case, sooner or later there will be a protest. And children's protests, as you know, are expressed in screams, tears and disobedience. Offer choices that the child can handle on their own. For example, in which jacket to go to kindergarten. This does not mean that the baby should turn the entire wardrobe over and shout to defend his right to go in the New Year's crown in the summer. Offer a simple choice: two T-shirts or two tights. So the baby will understand that his opinion is also taken into account.

If you don't get everything going smoothly the first time, don't be discouraged. Perseverance and consistency will gradually lead to the desired result and help make sure that the child begins to obey you.

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