What Is A Crisis Of Family Relations

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What Is A Crisis Of Family Relations
What Is A Crisis Of Family Relations

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Naturally, in family life, everything cannot be smooth. Crises, disappointments, failures are inevitable. The main thing is the ability to wait out the moment when you want to pack your things and leave, slamming the door.

What is a crisis of family relations
What is a crisis of family relations

Signs of a Coming Crisis

The crisis of family relations is such a state of affairs in the family when order is disturbed and there is a misunderstanding of each other in a given situation. There are several symptoms that herald a family disorder. These are, first of all, frequent quarrels. According to psychologists, spouses who are approaching a crisis in family life complain of mutual misunderstanding. Complaints arise at every turn. What the husband and wife used to put up with is becoming more intolerable every day.

Rare sexual contacts are a serious harbinger of an impending family crisis. Of course, the comparison is worth making with a recent period of time. However, this feature is not always present.

Sexual attraction to other people, and not to a spouse, is organically connected with the previous one. The husband and wife try to stay at home as little time as possible, because they do not want to solve the accumulated problems and try not to notice them at all.

Dangerous periods

According to psychologists, every married couple is obliged to go through four crises in their relationship. The first test, according to statistics, overtakes the spouses after a year of family life, the so-called grinding crisis. It is associated with natural disappointments. The candy-bouquet period has passed, and family life turned out to be not as sweet as dreamed of. As a result, disappointment. However, it is still underpinned by the youthful optimism of the energetic couple. As a rule, the crisis of the first year is experienced quite easily.

A couple more years, and the next crisis is overtaking - three years. During this period, the passions that raged at the beginning subside. They are replaced by calmness. However, just after three years of marriage, she begins to doubt whether she chose the man. In turn, he often wonders if the woman is nearby. At this point, spouses often come to divorce proceedings.

The third crisis has no clear time boundaries, because it is associated with the appearance of the first child. It is the first child that changes the life of the family irrevocably. The family crisis during this period is associated with the feelings of a man about the fact that a woman is somehow moving away from him. Naturally, a young mother gives most of the time to the child who is born. At such a moment, it is important for spouses to find a compromise and support in each other.

If the spouses survived these three family crises, then the chances are high that their family will become a safe haven for several years. Psychologists advise expecting the most serious crisis after seven to ten years of marriage. Be that as it may, it must be remembered that any crisis is quite possible to survive if there is mutual understanding and mutual respect for each other.

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