What To Ask A Woman When Meeting

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What To Ask A Woman When Meeting
What To Ask A Woman When Meeting

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A girl's attention is what men are fighting for. It is quite difficult to hold attention with compliments; it is much easier and more effective to ask the right questions.

What to ask a woman when meeting
What to ask a woman when meeting

How to renew an acquaintance?

Any man knows that the key to a woman's heart is the ability to talk to her about herself. Of course, at the very beginning of communication, it is worth leaning on compliments, and it is very important to build compliments correctly. Girls love to be praised in concrete terms. It's best to talk about the emotions that her qualities evoke in you, and not just abstractly praise her beauty.

But even the largest supply of compliments ends sooner or later, and in order to strengthen the developing relationship, it is necessary to go further, learning more about the girl's inner world. This is where questions come in handy.

By and large, when meeting girls, you can ask about anything, most importantly, give her the opportunity to start talking.

We can say that at this stage it is very important to make her talk about herself incessantly. In doing so, you should periodically ask the right leading questions. Be sure to measure the complexity of the issues with the intellect and outlook of your chosen one. Young girls are better off asking simple, general questions. Smart, confident women are best asked about their careers and achievements. Wise, established personalities can be thrown into philosophical questions, asked about social problems, and so on. But in any case, it is worth starting with simple questions about the main thing - name and age, and only then move on to particulars.

Convince her to tell her everything about herself

Common questions include questions about character, dreams, happiness, love. Don't be afraid to ask emotional questions. Women love and know how to talk about them. In addition, having politely and attentively listened to a lengthy speech about your interlocutor's first love, you will earn a lot of points in her eyes. Women appreciate men who can listen to their weight in gold.

When asking about career, hobbies, education, trainings, it is important to clarify and complement what the girl is telling you. If suddenly your hobbies or education coincide, demonstrate this, ask a couple of highly specialized questions. This will significantly bring you closer to the interlocutor.

When asking questions, be interested in the answer. Girls react vividly to sincere interest.

Cultural topics should be raised with some caution. If a girl tells you about her favorite movies, musicians, songs, etc., it is very important to participate in the dialogue. Of course, she should mostly speak, but you can agree or disagree with her tastes. The main thing is to do it briefly and reasonably. Don't use "This is a bad movie because this is a bad movie" line. Girls take offense at this and withdraw into themselves.

Difficult philosophical or political topics require excessive caution. When asking a question about the world order or opposition, concentrate on what the girl is telling you. She shouldn't get the impression that you are asking questions for the sake of questions. Express your opinion and ask new questions on the topic.

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